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Phil Lampert

We created this memorial webpage to celebrate the life of Phil Lampert. Please post any memories, comments, or photos that you wish to share.

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  • Margaret Wilson
    I first got to know Phil when my two children, Charlotte and Alex attended Highnam School between 1986 and 1996. They both loved school and as many others have said, especially when they earned a mint! Charlotte in particular was very proud that Phil had...  more
  • Lisa Dando
    Really good head teacher. Great character with his Polo mints and 10 pence pieces for correct answers. He knew everyone. Knew my grandparents, used to go blackberry picking in my grandads field nr Tibberton. He ran the bar with my dad at the annual...  more
  • Aimee Aranki
    The old adage that there is one teacher you will remember for the rest of your life could have been penned with Mr Lampert in mind. He was a legendary headteacher whose passion and enthusiasm for all areas of learning - and his belief in each of us -...  more
  • Sami  Holmes (Nicolaou)
  • Sami  Holmes (Nicolaou)
    I can honestly say that I absolutely loved my time at Highnam School. I have so many happy memories and that was because of Mr Lampert (not just because of his mints) in fact these happy memories formed my decision to send my own kids to Highnam School!...  more
  • Jody Banks (Kell)
    A heartfelt thank you to a very great man and teacher. I have had many conversations with old school friends who shared the same amazement as me to find that, even as the years passed, he not only remembered us by name, but could also recall family and...  more
  • Helen  Ginman
    I look back fondly on my time at Highnam school with Mr Lampert as my headmaster. He always encouraged me and challenged me with my music. Under his direction, I won a medal and cup for recorder/treble. Without his encouragement I’m not sure it would...  more