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Tony Drake

Peter Darke

December 06, 1965 - December 01, 2021

Peter Darke, of Hexton Victoria, has died after a short illness. There will a small private funeral only.

Peter Darke, of Hexton, Victoria, Australia, has died after a short illness.  
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  • Tony Drake
    Truly, whenever I hear the name of "Peter Drake", all I can do is smile. He had so many strings to his bow: "chemistry teacher", "science teacher", prison visitor ("the prisoner's friend" indeed!), QEHS stalwart, musician (and a very talented one). Yes,...  more
    • Tony Drake
      Erica Thrush Indeed. Peter Drake was a character and some to spare. chemistry and science were just two of his interests. He played saxophone for Rod Stewart's band for years, only leaving after a disagreement over the offside rule. Queen Elizabeth High School were...  more
      • December 6, 2021
    • Tony Drake
      Tony Drake Thank you, Erica. If your comment was a joke, then I'm sure Peter would have laughed as long as anybody. I know that he played with some "biggish" names, but none as famous as Rod Stewart.
      • December 6, 2021