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    May 23, 2020, 6:30 AM Europe/London


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Elvis Nimba Tabi

Peter Bah Tabi

August 07, 1948 - May 12, 2020

BIOGRAPHY “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens, a time to be born (Ecc 3:1&2)”. Prince Peter Bah Tabi was born into the royal house of the Zang Tabi Fondom on the 7th of August 1948. He was the first son, though the second child of his mother. He attended the...  see more

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  • Eugene Tcheby
    My sincere condolences to you and the family. I never personally met Papa but he was always present in our convos and in so many things you would do because he was such a role model to you.
    Elvis, may Papa rest in eternal peace. He sure lived a good live...  more
  • Susan  Enjema (N-Jema Sparkle)
    I never met you, but I heard a lot about you and know the kind of that you were when I look at your beautiful children. I know you were the light that gave Lydia her unique beautiful smile. Thank you for giving us your beautiful treasures, children with...  more
  • Emmanuel Tita  Tabi
    Dear Daddy, it is with a split heart that I heard about the your passing away into eternity. It was the saddest news to me. On that fateful, I stepped out to work as usual but after an hour I returned home and walked straight into my room, and locked...  more
  • Joyce Mbassa
    Well.... It's like 8 or maybe 10 years ago, I met Papa. UB. Lydia n myself were course mates then found out we're from same village so the bond quickly became stronger. Ofcourse she took me to her home a couple of times. One time I spent a full weekend...  more
  • anwi ogen
    Papa the most important thing that comes to mind when thinking about you are the “ Papa Bear Hugs you give me”😭😭😭 calling me “Anwi nde” Your genuine love for me, care, kindness and generosity 😭😭😭. All I have is good memories,...  more
  • Akum Challand
    The dad I run to she my dad gets me beating. He thought me the skill of patience and endurance he Gave me the principles of an old man. These made me older than my real age. Thanks for being there Papa. I love u
  • Tabifor King
    I remember when we met sometimes in December. I reminisce meeting a man who demonstrated strength, discipline and resilience. Though you looked sick and broken you radiated an aura of authority in love and wisdom. I wish I knew you more. But God needs...  more
  • Manga Azah
    It came as a shock when I learnt you had departed. I knew you had health challenges, but a few days before you were gone, Nimba told me you were OK.

    Dear Papa, my uncle I discovered through my friendship with my dear cousin Nimba way back in primary...  more
  • Carine Bessong Epse Tabi
    Papa you were the kindest and the best father-in-law any girl could ever ask for. A gentle giant, genuinely loving and God fearing. I'll always remember your soothing voice calling me " my daughter. " I was always felt at ease talking to you....  more
  • Wilfred Tabi & Family
    My dear Brother, that baritone voice of yours has gone away. I will no longer hear it live “Oh death where is thy sting”. Since our very childhood, we have never avoided each other. You have been my close companion even up till now that we are...  more
  • Wilfred Ngohnyam  Tabi
    Throughout my life, I adored you like no other son would ever adore their father. Daddy, you’ve been my pillar and I never really visualized a world without you in it. I am so heartbroken.

    You reigned me in when I appeared to stray away from the path...  more
  • Pastor Anwi Rose Tabi
    I am not able to fully contain myself even as I pay homage to this fallen soldier – my own father Tabi Bah Peter. Not that I didn’t know this day would one day come – for as one living on this side of eternity, death is an appointment. In spite of...  more
  • Lydia Ndah Tabi
    Papa, haaaiii!! I AM NOT WRITING THIS!!!  I CAN'T BE!!! This can't be! Aaahh mon papa Chéri ! I can't be writing this!! 😭😭.
    My baby boy! My Valentine. My first love.  😭😭😭My eyes tear up as I write. I can't even continue.
    Cheeeiii!!!...  more
  • Dorothy  Tabi
    My dear Husband,
    Loving and caring for you is all I was living for. My heart is shattered beyond repair. Even after over 40 years of marriage, I don’t think I will ever be ready to let you go. The news of your death, just thirty minutes after I served...  more
  • Mary Diabe
    “Pierrot” (as some of us called you), so your own day finally came. That day which we all know is inevitable in everybody’s life, but which is dreaded. Dreaded because with it comes SEPARATION. Separation from loved ones, friends, colleagues,...  more
  • Claudine  Abangma Lekunze
    Papa, the news of your demise was a huge shock to many of us. The shock was enormous owing to the fact you that you were strong and in your usual jovial mood when i visited you and Mama in November.
    I remember the days i had to have a sleep over in the...  more
  • Clement & Sally Azah
    It's very sad hearing that you are no more our dear cousin, Peter. We loved you dearly but God loves you most. May your gentle soul rest in the perfect peace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."
  • Benjamin Ndi Ogen
    Papa Peter Bah Tabi was my biggest ever mentor . The example I tried to follow but was too big for me to be able to. To say Exemplary will be the biggest ever understatement. Even as a child it was clear to me he is the one to follow amongst all I saw...  more
  • Luccia-Fanyah Tabi
    One of my memories of my father-in-law was when I spoke to him for the first time over the phone; I was very stressed but his calming and fatherly voice changed everything... "My daughter" how he used to call me. Daddy quickly put me at ease. My...  more
  • Elvis Nimba Tabi
    Honesty, integrity and a strong fear of God were the hallmarks that defined your life Papa. The very essence of my life, and those of my siblings, is guided by the pathway you created throughout your time on earth. “Elder Tabi” (as you were known by...  more