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Eric Sorenson

Perry H Sorenson

December 28, 1945 - February 28, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate Perry. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Perry H. Sorenson, 76, born Dec. 28, 1945, passed away Feb. 28, 2022. It all started in a small town in central Utah. “Don’t say you’re from Richfield,” Perry’s dad, Harvey Sorenson, would say. “Tell people you’re from Glenwood.” His mother, Leola Gillespie Sorenson, would probably remember the five-mile trip from Glenwood to Richfield on that cold December day in 1945 when the last of their four children was born. Perry’s three...  see more
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  • Dwight Lowrey
    So many good times with Perry and Sally!
    We love the photo of "Chief Yellowpants," ever the gracious host, clearing the snow from the hot tub after a day of zipping down the slopes.
    A trip to Moab and Arches National Park was a special time...  more
  • Dwight Lowrey
  • Ann Haroun
    This has been a wonderful event, Sally. A soulful gathering. It feels like a kind of awakening. I'd like to say that I am a neighbor of Sally and Perry. I didn't know Perry well, he wasn't talking a lot when I saw him, and he was moving a bit slowly. But...  more
  • Risa Vega
    Sally and kids, I will never forget the memories and the opportunities you and Perry offered me. The nannying. My employment with Holiday Inn Corp and the visit In Honolulu. Your family made a positive impact on my life and forever thankful. Perry was...  more
  • Rick Zwern
    Perry was my tennis doubles partner. In many ways tennis imitates life and your partner matters...a lot. In Perry I had someone who was encouraging, fun to play with, a great sport and--most importantly in tennis as in life--always had my back. We won...  more
  • Dennis Mahaffay
    What a beautiful memorial celebrating Perry this morning. Perry and Sally have been such special friends to us over the years. Discovering more about Perry and what an amazing person he was during todayʻs ceremony was such a joy. We will miss Perry, but...  more
  • Marie Delaney
    I had the pleasure of staying with Perry and Sally in Hawaii many years ago. Perry took me out for ice cream on my 21st birthday and helped me feel less homesick. He was so kind and generous. He always asked great questions and seemed interested to learn...  more
  • Betsy Jencks
  • Rob Breitling
    One thing I noticed the first time I met Perry was that a big smile was either on his face or was about to be. The best part was that it was a genuine smile of happiness, glad-to-meet-you-ness, and kindness. He actually valued each person he met in one...  more
  • Terry Wells
    So many fond memories of Perry. His passion for creating art from his wonderful photos. His skiing prowess, so many wonderful gatherings in Deer Valley skiing together. Bill loved chasing him down Stein's Run! And the wonderful "tribal...  more
  • Susan Row
    Al and I have fond memories of adventures with Perry & Sally through the many seasons & years in Park City's mountains. We treasure the meals shared at our homes, local restaurants & outdoors. The soothing sound of your Hawaiian duet...  more
  • Mark James
    Perry and Sally were introduced to
    Me by Buck and Doni Laird and we have a 30 year great relationship .
    Early on we did some Century Rides together and later he was a member of my foursome for Paddle tennis at Pacific Club.
    We’re blessed to stay...  more
  • Randy Howatt
    Dear Perry....Judie and I will always cherish our friendship and being only steps away from our dear Solamere neighbors, Perry and Sally. You're a special human being, true leader and exceptional husband, father, and family man. We deeply miss you,...  more
  • Judy Roberts
    Neighbors for only a short time, we will remember Perry as a gentle soul.
    Judy/Bentley Roberts
  • Donivee Laird
    My mind swirls with so very many memories - all good, all fun, all wonderful - and how they make me smile.
    I could write pages about: Camping at Malaekahana and almost camping in Ho'omaluhia until the rain was too much and the water was running off of...  more
  • Bill and Catherine Haller
    Dearest Sally and Family,
    We were both surprised and sadden when we received your email about Perry's passing. we're sitting here looking at his wonderful face and warm smile and remembering what an extraordinary man he was. Always kind, patient,...  more
  • marsha kapu
    .Perry Sorenson, Master Navigator
    Yes. Master Navigator! Perry did not coach or manage from the shore; he jumped into the outrigger canoe and joined the wa`a crew to understand every position. He listened and respected everyone for who they were and...  more
  • Bob Goldthorp
    Bob Goldthorp Continue!!!

    Yes folks, that’s how Perry and I always talked together, constant barbs and needles - never too sharp!!
    I thought long and hard about this and decided on a collage of events over the past 48 years.:We met
  • Bob Goldthorp
    Hey Perry, We’re all gathering together on the worldwide web saying nice things about you - which in your case is easy - unlike when I finally join you, they’ll be gasping for words!!
  • Sam Hoffman
    Where to start talking about a person who was so good in so many ways? Perry was a successful businessman, an inspirational leader, a tenacious competitor, a loving family man and a good friend. He and Sally were also the consummate hosts who welcomed...  more
  • Tom Slagle
    After the four oldest Slagle siblings retired, we decided to start touring together with our spouses. The Sorenson’s having been in the travel and hospitality business were picked to plan our first trip together to New Zealand. Our first stop was in...  more
  • Sally Sorenson
    If you would like to make a donation, we suggest Doctors Without Borders. In the spirit of hospitality, they are doing good work to help refugees away from their homes.
  • Donna Williams
  • Bill Sthay