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    Feb 12, 2022, 5:30 PM US/Pacific

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Memorial Fund (Scholarship, Dedication, etc.).

In memory of Pek Ean Chong, the Chong family is interested in placing/donating a park bench, along the Santa Margarita River Trail. After being moved out of her Pasadena home that she'd known for nearly 4o years, the idea of returning was a wish constantly on Pek Ean's mind. Her walks along the Santa Margarita River Trail were one of the few places she found solace and did not miss Pasadena. The Chong family is currently in discussions with The Wildlands Conservancy regarding a memorial bench. We do not have full approval or final cost of the bench. $5000 is a rough estimate. In the event the the bench is not approved or donated amount exceeds the cost of the bench, the proceeds or remainder of will be donated to the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit, a 501c non-profit organization. In that event, the donation will go towards hopefully purchasing a memorial brick in the town of Idyllwild, CA. The Chong family understands in these hard times that donating is not always an option.

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Kase Chong

Pek Ean Chong

January 11, 1942 - January 17, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Pek Ean Chong. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Pb Nai
    • Pb Nai
      Pb Nai Ean and NC Chong
      • February 19, 2022
    • Pb Nai
      Pb Nai Hi everyone,
      Just to keep you all updated on the Goh family's contributions to Ean's memorial fund. Here are the actual amounts contributed:
      Sister Pek Har and husband, Gareth. . . . 100 pounds
      Sister Pek Yeong. . . . 50 pounds
      Sister Ivy and husband...  more
      • February 21, 2022
  • David Lim
    Memorial dinner
  • Pb Nai
  • Lee Pregozen
  • Meera G Nair
    Dear Auntie Ean,
    Steve, Lucy and I will always cherish the memories of your active and fun loving spirit - your lively dancing at our wedding, your knowledge of the plants and flowers at the Huntington botanical gardens, and your kindness to Lucy. Lucy...  more
    • Meera G Nair
      Pb Nai RIP dear sis and sis in law.
      • February 12, 2022
  • Meera G Nair
    All our love from the Goh family. Even though many of us are far away, we are mourning the passing of our dear sister, Aunty, and Grand Aunty. xx the Nair-Temmermands (Steve, Meera, Lucy and Remy), the Berrys (Pek Yeong), the Edwards (Gareth and Pek...  more
  • Lee Pregozen
    I appreciate you for your boundless kindness and generosity. You gave your home as the base for all of us to gather, provided us with a “home away from home”, day in – day out, year after year.
    You created a warm and positive environment and...  more
  • Terry Lim
    I love Ean and for who she is. I am sure Ean would be delighted to have a bench made in her name for everyone to rest.
  • Terry Lim
  • Amy Ling
    Our most heartfelt condolences to the Chong family. Prayers and fond memories are what we have to remember.
  • Amy Ling
    I look forward to sit on your bench and recall so many beautiful memories you'd brought to me. Thank you for everything. I love you, dear mama Ean.
  • Amy Ling
    A mama who is thoughtful, generous and kind to me during my sojourn in Pasadena as a visiting researcher to Caltech. Whom I enjoyed so much dancing with too! I will surely miss the presence of a truly lovable and joyful person.
  • Jennifer Lim
    May the people who sit on your bench find rest and refreshment that is graced by the gift of your friendship and kindness in this world.
  • Jennifer Lim
    Our love and prayers for the Chong family during their time of loss. We will always miss our beloved friend, Ean, and treasure her memories in our hearts.
  • Jennifer Lim