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feyi ogunkunle

Owolabi Odekunle

This memorial, is to celebrate the life of our Husband, father, friend and brother, Owolabi Odekunle(Father Abraham). Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

A RARE GEM OWOLABI ORIYOMI ODEKUNLE (July 18 1968- June 13,2021)   Funeral Rites   Monday 21 June 2021- Service of songs - Foursquare Church, Sabo Yaba Liberia Consulate 3, Thorborn Avenue,  Off Commercial Avenue,  Sabo, Lagos. Time: 5pm    Funeral Service - Tuesday 22 June 2021 Bishop Adelakun Howell's Memorial Church (BAHM) Hogan Bassey Crescent Surulere, Lagos. Time: 11am
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  • feyi ogunkunle
    Bros mi, still like a dream weeks after. One doesnt know how much, some precious people mean until they are gone. Your thoughts will be fond thoughts. Gradually we are trying to come to terms, with your transition................bro...  more
  • Abayomi Fagbayi
    An easy going and trustworthy brother. The bro that encourages me to be closer to Jesus in the college days (OVCF). I will always remember your calmness and energy towards God's work . Goodbye. May God continue to be with the family you left behind. Adieu
  • Olawumi Oluseye
    This feels so unreal!!! I still find it difficult to believe you're gone. When we last saw that Wednesday at the office, I had no inkling it was the last time I would see you, sit with you, talk to you or learn from you; you were full of life and plans....  more
  • Shadrach Bako
    My deepest condolence to you brother Segun and the entire Odekunles. May the good Lord comfort you all and may His Spirit supply grace to rise beyond grief and pain and to forge on victory despite all. Please be comforted.
  • I remember growing up, always wanting to go visit my uncle and his kids. I remember realizing you were my only uncle named Odekunle, my fathers only brother, this made me cherish my relationship with you and your family, my family. I remember you...  more
  • Oluseyifunmi Akilapa
    Words fail me but I take solace in God that you have gone to rest from all life's stress. You were a brother I admired so much, you worked so hard to see us closely knitted despite your tight schedule and you didn't fail in your fatherly role.
    Sun...  more
  • Titilola  Akinmusire
    Owolabi, my dear brother. You were a good man, care so much about everyone around you and God fearing. I will surely miss you. Continue to rest in peace.
  • Ayobola Charles
    Bro Owolabi, the news of your demise came as a shock. You loved the Lord. You were a man of prayer. Thank you for showing us a true example of someone who is completely sold out to God. Thank you for your visits to ovcf Ayetoro and your words of...  more
  • Lois Odekunle
    It was a big shock to hear last Sunday that you're no longer with us. You were so full of life and excitement. Over the years your brother has always jisted me about your exploits together. And have known through his stories how precious you were to him....  more
  • Vyktorya Segun Odekunle
    Uncle Owolabi was one of the loveliest persons I've encountered. Uncle Owolabi and my father were character twins. Whenever we met, he was always lively and cheerful. He was the boisterous, gregarious uncle who brightened things up. Uncle was a hard...  more
  • popoola olumuyiwa samuel
    I want to say bro Owolabi's indelible impact is cherished greatly. I met him as a member of ovcf, he was one of the alumni member (OVCAF) that I always look forward to hearing, seeing in our reunion. I tried to be unassuming in any fellowship, group or...  more
  • Kayode Femi-Bella
    It's been so difficult to do this...
    Hearing the news of your lifting up was so shocking.
    Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could hear about your demise just like that.
    Thank you for giving your all.
    Thank you for been so audacious with...  more
  • Pastor Isaac Olujobi
    Brother Owolabi Odekunle, I served together with you in the same OVCF executive twice, out of the three times I served in the OVCF Executive Board. First, when you were the Transport Secretary and I was the Graphics & Publicity Secretary, and...  more
  • Shope Nubi
    On behalf of Funke Odekunle's family:

    “My brother Owolabi, I am saddened by your departure. You were my true brother and friend and I love you so much. How you displayed your character as a husband and man of God is admirable. You left this earth...  more
  • Ruth Adebanjo
    The words fail, in fact, there are no words; my mind has refused to accept it; it’s not even adding up and the words are not connecting; Bro Owolabi, dead? Ko make sense now ? How does someone who was so very alive, become dead suddenly? Bro Owolabi...  more
  • Dupeolu Adebanjo
    How do you do it, how did you do it?
    Your devotion to us individually is legendary. We all kind of think we are close to you when actually, you're the one in our worlds.

    Your relevance across all generations in Ovcaf is unrivalled. You don't use your...  more
  • Temi Ojedokun
    Brother Owo (as I called him)...
    Father Abraham, with many children...
    A Faithful Man has left the realm of mortals!
    I met Bro Owolabi in 1995, as a young and innocent first-year undergraduate when I joined the Evangelism Band of OVCF, of which he was...  more
  • Temi Ojedokun
    Brother Owo (as I called him)...
    Father Abraham, with many children...
    A Faithful Man has left the realm of mortals!
    I met Bro Owolabi in 1995, as a young and innocent first-year undergraduate when I joined the Evangelism Band of OVCF, of which he was...  more
  • feyi ogunkunle
    Let me take this from a different angle from what people have said about you aside all our OSU ‘runs’.
    I remember the days we plied Cotonou, to buy cars. I remember especially the time we went together to get my first car. I remember the first time...  more
  • Oluwakemi Fapojuwo
    Hmmm. Bro Owolabi thank God for the life you lived. Selfless, unassuming, energetic, full of life and most importantly a lover of God. So so passionate about His Master and lover of his soul, the ministry and the brethren. I remembered my first close...  more
  • Adeola Odumabo
    • Adeola Odumabo
      Adeola Odumabo I met Bro Owolabi through Sis Laide Adeyemo in my 100 Level and since then he adopted me as the 1st daughter of father Abraham. He was such a caring and loving father! I remember, he was the 1st person to fry plantain with ata gigun for me. Several days,...  more
      • June 18, 2021
    • Adeola Odumabo
      Samuel Olupelumi Bros Owo, that's the way we call you. We never related as in - laws, but as brothers. I was so free with you. You always encouraged us giving us assurance of prosperous future. Receiving your lifeless body and depositing it at the morgue was a painful...  more
      • June 18, 2021
    • Adeola Odumabo
      Folasade Coker Broda mi Owolabi, egbon mi owon.. hmmm words fail me, but yet again so much to say I wish we had said it when we saw two weeks ago, when you went shopping for me and I thought we had all the time in the world not only to dream of tomorrow but to birth...  more
      • June 18, 2021
    • Adeola Odumabo
      Oluwatoyin Sowemimo Brother Owolabi, I have tried so hard to wake up and find out this is a dream. I was looking forward to traveling to Lagos with you on your next trip but not like this. I was also planning a surprise for you on your birthday but, hmmmmm. This is soooo...  more
      • June 19, 2021
  • Tolulope Odujoko
    Mon pere. You are one of a kind. I met you as a firebrand for Jesus. You taught me so much- how to pray, to study God's Word, to be the finest soldier of Jesus Christ that I could be. Your dedication, your fortitude, your integrity, your wide smile and...  more
  • Raymond Iroham
    Hmm... it's been a hard nut to crack ever since the news of your departure hit us. However, we're consoled in the reality that you're resting in a better place. Bro Owolabi, yours was a life of vibrance, energetic zeal, undeniable love and  more
  • Giveth Osadiaye
    Bro Owolabi, you came, you saw and you conquered. Rest well in the bosom of our Father. Anywhere you were , the Light of God shone. You are greatly missed.
    • Giveth Osadiaye
      Remi Jagun I have not been able to write anything since because I was short of words, we shared several beautiful moments together, your friends were my friends, your family were mine, I will miss you bruv, rest in the Lord. Adieu
      • June 19, 2021
    • Giveth Osadiaye
      Olufunmilola Akinbande Though I know the face but I didn't know you on a personal note. I guess I met you for the first time about 5/6 years ago when I attended the reunion for the first time. However with what I have been reading since your demise, it is obvious you have been...  more
      • June 19, 2021
    • Giveth Osadiaye
      Yemitan Pawpawlogy *Tribute to a Great Man*

      Bro Owolabi exit is a rude shock to me. I have never cry deeply like I did when I got the flash of the news that you are gone. The last time I cry so much like this was when my Dad passed on 30 years ago.

      I belong to the...  more
      • June 19, 2021
    • Giveth Osadiaye
      Ahmed Abbas Dear Bro Owolabi,

      We met in class and OVCF.

      Your love for people is legendary.

      The consistency of your love, friendship and reliability is historical.

      You came, you saw, you learned and followed the ancient landmark.

      Life is not measured in...  more
      • June 19, 2021
    • Giveth Osadiaye
      Folusewa Bella I will never forget your acts of selflessness which I glimpsed while in OSU. You were always on ground whenever the Alumni came around with your larger than life personality yet maintaining a humble stance. A particular day stands out, your wife was...  more
      • June 20, 2021