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John Okogie and Esther Adeleke

Omotayo Oyebola Amosun

September 30, 1992 - November 21, 2021

We created this GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Omotayo Oyebola Amosun. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Tayo was that stand up guy who did not mind doing anything to be there for everyone around him. We all have good memories of him and we wonder how he managed to positively impact everyone's life without coming to the end of himself. Tayo was so loved by us and although we really cannot imagine life without him, we still want to preserve his memories. Please share your memories, pictures and videos of Tayo. May God bless and comfort us all ❤
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  • Adeyokunnu Debo
  • Adeyokunnu Debo
    • Adeyokunnu Debo
      Adeyokunnu Debo Tayo Lives On
      I sit around and wonder
      and watch the days go by.
      I look at all the pictures
      and ask, why did you have to die?

      I couldn't come up with any answer and then I realised even more how a life can be taken in the blink of an eye and only heaven...  more
      • November 28, 2021
  • Okojie John Setale
    So whu’z gon’ crack me up with dem silly shiiits yu say bayi ... 😔

    My boy ... 🕊❤️
  • Okey Ekegha
    It's hard to believe you are gone,smart guy, young yet experienced, always easy going and humble. As we bid you farewell, rest easy we are holding on with a big heart. I know you are up there with the Angels. May God forgive your wrong doing and grant...  more
  • Adetoun Samiat
    I still cannot believe that you're no longer with us, that I can no longer annoy or run into you randomly. Your passing has left gaping holes in all of our hearts and we miss you dearly.
  • Tolu Scott
    Odi arin’na ko, odi oju ala. continue to RIP my brother my friend💔💔💔🕊🕊
  • Tola Adeyemo
  • Moyosore  Ali
    Hmmm, I knew Tayo from the University of Ilorin; what really ‘striked’ me about him was his ability to dance so well and stay stylish while at it.

    He was always looking good and he just had that good-vibe-no-stress type of personality.

    It’s...  more
  • Okojie John Setale
    My boy .... 🕊❤️
  • Akinolu Oluwatobi
    Though I am still reeling from the sudden death of my dear friend,I am humbled and touched by his time here with us.We’ve been friends since the first day in school.. As we all know, Tayo was a kind and caring friend. He never turned down the chance to...  more
  • Sossou Winnie
    You were always cheerful, one person I wonder if he ever had troubles or anything to worry about. The very first time we met, you introduced yourself as T for shorts and I laughed so hard, from that day I began to tease you with it and you never got...  more
  • Adetola Dosu
  • Abbie Egbita
    Tayo orè mi atata ko da o.

    From the moment you helped me out with a difficult course back in the university, we clicked. It was easy to be your friend because of how kind, thoughtful and empathetic you are.

    Never proud, always available to help,...  more
  • Yetunde Adewumi
    Bro Tayo!!! I’ve gone to your Instagram page more than 10 times just to see if you posted a new picture and then hoping this was all a dream. My heart is too broken but who am I to question God??? Rest well brother till we meet again 😭😭💔
  • Igwenagu Chidiogo
  • Naanshen Dakas
  • Sossou Winnie
  • Yetunde Adewumi
  • Adewumi Nururdeen
    Back then in school, I stayed away from you cos I thought you were proud. NYSC came, we got the same posting and I got to really know you and I realized I misjudged you, you became my best friend. I never thought I'd say this but I'll miss that your...  more
  • Adewumi Nururdeen
  • Ebunoluwa Adeniji
    This was definitely not the plan, it still does not make sense. You went from my recruiter to my Geee… I mean who recruits you & organizes a send-forth for you.. Your heart was golden.. I still can’t believe I would never see you again.. Ko...  more
  • Anita Miller
    Waw,😳 I met you once never thought it'd be the first and last...RIP💔😞
  • Anita Miller
  • Abisoye Zainab
  • Okojie John Setale
    I already miss yu, my G.

    Four days now and every night, I still come by front of yur crib to check if yur Corolla’s parked at yur spot, hoping dis is some loooooong nightmare... 😔. Rest easy my G, rest easy ...🙏🏿