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Audrey Nanjala

Oduor Ochieng (Diu)

October 06, 1996 - July 28, 2021

This memorial is in remembrance of our brother and friend, Diu. May the stories and memories we share of him, keep him alive in our hearts. May his generous hand, gentle laughter, kind heart, smart mind and caring soul live on in our memories.

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  • Joan Ndambuki
    Today we start a new year without you in it and it's heartbreaking 💔. I miss you so much Diu. I hope you are happy. Continue watching over us and guiding us till we meet again
  • Aileen  Odongo
    Diu! OD! Oduor! Oduor Ochieng!
    I can not cry enough tears! Son of my Uncle, I could cry a river but that will not bring you back son of my Auntie. However much I pinch myself to wake up from this nightmare. It is true you are no longer with us. Surely...  more
  • Aileen  Odongo
    Diu! OD! Oduor! Oduor Ochieng!
    I can not cry enough tears! Son of my Uncle, I could cry a river but that will not bring you back son of my Auntie. However much I pinch myself to wake up from this nightmare. It is true you are no longer with us. Surely...  more
  • Becky  Oloo
    ‘Carve your name in hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched in the minds of others and the stories they share about you’. Rest in eternal peace 🙏🏾
  • Neema Bogita
    I remember we had lunch earlier this year and you told me that ours was a friendship that would last a lifetime. My heart is broken. Your presence in my life was so steady and on this earth large and vibrant that I don’t even know how to process that...  more
  • Joan Ndambuki
    My heart is heavy and I am struggling to process the immense loss of a brother and a friend. I keep going back to the last time we were together a couple of weeks ago. I was so tired and sleepy but you wanted to chat and catch-up and that's exactly what...  more
  • Doty Achieng
    You have been plucked away from us so young. Your warmth, prayer and love for God will remain for us to emulate. Rest in peace Diu
  • John Akach
    My earliest memory of Diu was him bringing me blanket after blanket on my first night in South Africa. It was a cold winter July, and the many blankets made me feel welcome. He was that generous and hospitable. I became part of their family and Diu was...  more
  • Jefferson Hunter
    Working with Odi was so much fun, he could always make a meeting enjoyable and was eager to make a difference in the world with the companies we worked with. A deep thinker who thought of others. I miss spending time with you and still can't wrap my head...  more
  • Brooke de Bruyn
    A couple of days ago I went to be near the water to think clearly and try to begin to process the loss of you. While I was there, I was overwhelmed with floods of memories, these tiny things about you I wasn’t always conscious of, like the creases near...  more
  • Nelly OG
    How, how does a sun set when it is just rising! Diu your future was so bright and I still can't comprehend the reality of your passing. The memories we have of you will never die. Rest in peace.-Florence (Mama Faith)

    Death can be so cruel and...  more
  • Joellen  Nicholson
    You left an indelible mark on the team at University Impact and will be forever remembered in our hearts. Beyond the natural inquisitiveness and intelligence, you brought your authentic self to all that you did at work. When you joined UI I quickly...  more
  • Riya Garg
    Hey Odi,

    I can't believe that you are no more. I worked with you for only two months but I miss you so much. You were not just a colleague, but became a great friend.

    I still remember our first call where I was expecting to talk work but ended up...  more
  • Kish  Darkskin
    Kadiu our brother with unmatched love, our Little Odour, Death has robbed us the precious little beautiful soul, my Future Governor, a brother who never looked down upon anyone, brother who saw all of us equal, I remember whenever you came to Kenya how...  more
  • Sophia.rwanga Rwanga
    There is such a vacant place in our hearts we cannot forget ur footsteps nor your loving bubbly face.
    You were just like a candle full of light and comradeship.
    We will dearly miss all the fun moments we shared, i.e get together, fun games, stories,...  more
  • Shweta  Chaudhary
    I already miss you so much. I still can't believe it. You were such an amazing person with so many wonderful ideas and dreams. It just breaks my heart that you are no more with us. It is just sad that I won't get to see you and talk to you anymore and ...  more
  • lindiwe kheswa
    My friend, I still can’t believe you gone. Just three weeks back we were celebrating your graduation, I am so proud of the man you had become since knowing you from first year. The one thing I’m grateful for throughout this whole ordeal is that you...  more
  • Lawrence Koech
    We had fun countless times during braai parties and many get-together sessions. Your presence impacted each on of us positively. We shall never forget the memories we had together. May your soul rest in peace.
  • Alfred Oginga
    To my cousin Diu!

    💐 The world of the dead is full of people who did not deserve to die. Yes Oduor, you didn't deserve to die....yes I repeat tho jachien!!!
    People who gave their all in service to human kind in this world thats buried them...  more
  • Wanga & Yandeya Mashau
    Odour, a neighbor who was like a younger brother to me. I have known you for a short space of time but could write a thesis about our experience.

    You sure were an old soul. Conversations would not end. From philosophy, psychology, spirituality and of...  more
  • Wanga & Yandeya Mashau
    Dear Oduor. I hope you are having a good time in heaven…
  • Alvin Oballa
    Diu's Love is irreplaceable. He'll forever live in our hearts. Photos: [Diu and his brother with cousins back in Kenya]
  • Kureshlen Moodley
    An ode to a King:
    These words won't do you justice...

    What an honor and privilege it was to know you and witness your growth.

    From days spent at Kilindini Residence; you knocking on my door for supper time or early in the morning for exams, dining...  more
  • Esi Botchway
    My husband & I were neighbours with Diu for almost 3 years. He was kind, talkative and wise beyond his age. Always willing to help and great with children in the complex. The complex will never be the same again for us without you. You will be dearly...  more
  • Thomas Yonke
    I was a coworker of Odi’s at University Impact. In the months that I got to know Odi I was delighted by his kindness and his consideration for myself and other coworkers. Although I never had the privilege of meeting Odi in person we shared countless...  more
  • Wilberforce Chege
    OD, you were a truly remarkable individual and one of a kind. One of the most honest, genuine people - always putting others ahead of yourself. I am very proud to have called you a great friend all these years.

    The world is poorer today, but heaven...  more
  • Audrey Nanjala
    Cape Town 2017 will forever remain a memorable chapter in my life because you were in it. I have racked my head for every single detail of every moment we shared because that is how I want to remember you. Your smile, your infectious laughter, the...  more
  • Muriel Kasanga
    Although the news hit us a few days ago now, it’s taken a while to come up with the words to express how devastating your passing is. I was lucky enough to know you both as a friend to your brother and also as a fellow 2015 first year at UCT. Whenever...  more
  • Brian Odiyo
    Diu was a very thoughtful and caring guy. The greatest memory I have with him is when I was staying at his place after the loss of my father. He really took care me during that period. Diu made sure that I was okay everyday that I was there. He would...  more
  • Agneta Were
    From the very first conversation I had with you, I felt comfortable. I didn't feel the need to hide or be anything else around you because you had an aura that made me feel that you were a safe space. You were a bright light and I am privileged to have...  more
  • Chelsea Nyagudi
    Its still hard to come to terms with you passing on my dear friend😭😭
    we've known each other since childhood and have been a good one. You were always happy and funny to be around.
    I remember when we used to play "cha baba and cha mama" and...  more
  • Elijah Onyango
    Nyatoto community and Ngura village is still in deep shock following your demise at this early age when they wanted you most. "Dhi gi kue wuod osiepna wabiro Rado paradise"
  • Calvin Vince Ouma
    “Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of your loss. "Your demise has glued our mouth and frozen our hearts. Rest in peace Ochibo.
  • Salmon Osogo
    The community of Ruma within Lambwe Valley in Homa Bay County of Kenya had hope that you were among young people who would champion for future community developments, but this hope has unfortunately come to halt.
    May GOD grant Courage to the entire...  more
  • Osuri Osuri
    We are all grief-stricken on your untimely passing on. I reminisce our last meeting on 26 July 2021… Your radiant, genuine smile; convincing arguments and concern for all will be dearly missed. Servant leadership you epitomised. Friends you have that...  more
  • Benton Otieno
    Little brother you were such a special person, such a colourful soul, always such a joy, and with such a golden heart. You were kind with a generous hand and an active mind. Your sudden passing has broken our hearts. A piece of us has gone with you and...  more
  • Aphline Cynthia
    Kadiu where do I even start, I have known you almost all my life, you are the small cheeky brother that this life gave me ,the first time you went to SA you wrote us a letter and sent in to us via posta so that we would know you are okay and that you...  more
  • Daleen Nieuwoudt
    Dearest Odi
    Your unexpected and untimely death is a huge loss for us at DNA Economics. You will definitely be missed. You made such an impression on everyone in a short space of time. I will always remember your kindness, humility and that wide smile...  more
  • Brenda Mooketsi
    I never thought that after only meeting Odi for a few months I would have to say goodbye to him. Odi was such a good person, so calm, and had a smile that brightened up a room. I enjoyed working with him, our team at DNA Economics will never be same...  more
  • Willie  Macharia
    I met you during O-week and you welcomed me to join Athletics club at UCT. From there we could always meet along the way and say hello and catch-up. In 2020, you connected me with Uliza and I managed to get some few coins from the gigs that Uliza offered...  more
  • George Parekkadavil
    A man who always looked forward , always had a plan. A brother to those who needed one. Thanks for your kindness and memories
  • Gamuchirai Nyamupinga
    I met you in Graca Residence a few years ago and after our encounter I remember thinking to myself what a kind and welcoming person you were.I will never forget that.RIP and my your soul soar with angels as you were one yourself.
  • Tess Yieke
    You were such a great person with a bubbly personality. We didn’t talk much but the times we did you were so friendly and you reminded me of God’s love and the importance of hard work and just being friendly and welcoming to others. I pray that your...  more
  • Tess Yieke
  • Valerie Odongo
  • Jeremy Gisore
    I'm speechless bro.
    Known you since we were kids, one of the few in this world I could truly call a brother & confidant.
    You are loved, and will forever be etched in our hearts.
    Still can't believe you're gone.
    Thank you for all the wonderful...  more
  • Jesse Gordon
  • Mercy  Obaa
    To the sweetest and kindest soul. Your charm and charisma will be greatly missed. You were one in a million Diu. Rest with the angels. It will never be the same without you.
  • Michele Capazario
    I had the privilege of meeting Odi a few months back when he started working at DNA Economics. Genuinely, one of the funniest people I knew, who brought a whole bunch of positivity into the workspace. Always quick with off the cuff comments and hilarious...  more
  • Catherine Torrington
    I worked with Odi at University Impact. He was one of the kindest, friendliest and most charismatic people I have ever met. He literally lit up every meeting or conversation we had. I will miss him deeply, and am thinking of his family during this time....  more