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Paul Eichenholtz

Norine Keiko Nomura

September 13, 1949 - February 24, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Norine Keiko Nomura. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Please feel free to share any pictures or experiences you had with Norine on this...  see more

On Thursday morning, February 24, 2022, Norine Keiko Nomura, beloved wife of Michael Eichenholtz and mother of Paul Eichenholtz, passed away at the age of 72.  Norine was born on September 13, 1949 in Los Angeles to Mikako and Henry Nomura. She grew up with an older brother, Ikuo, an older sister, Hatsumi, and her younger brother, Jeff.  She graduated from UCLA before joining the Peace Corps where she taught in Kenya for two years....  see more
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  • Kristina Kim
    RInky was the most beautiful person. I am so heartbroken to find that she passed away in February.

    She came to my house once to drop off supplies for my classroom. No specific reason. She just wanted to give. I met her son, and it was a brief chat but...  more
  • Pam MacLean
    I found these photos after my post and think they are lovely of Norine. One is with her kitten in 'Ol Kalou and the other on the Nairobi to Mombasa train.
  • Pam MacLean
    Norine “Rinky” has been a wonderful, generous, kind, and funny lifelong friend since we met at UC Berkeley and became college roommates nearly five decades ago. In college, we learned that we shared a love – bordering on obsession – for giant...  more
  • Pam Wilson
  • Mimi Torres
    I learned about Norine's passing from Paul Klein a few weeks ago at a mutual friend's birthday party and was sad to hear this news which hadn't made it's way to the Berkeley Broadway Singers.

    Upon sharing the news with the chorus, many wanted to...  more
  • Margie Cohen
    Dear Mike, Paul and family, 

    The Berkeley Broadway Singers are so very very sad for your loss. Norine, your partner, your mother was/is such a very special person.

    We have loved singing with Norine, sharing laughter, smiles, food, hard work, moments...  more
  • Allison Landa
    Rinky, you are missed. <3 You are such a kind soul and a wonderful person. You are remembered with the ultimate fondness.
  • Paul Eichenholtz
    I just wanted to thank everyone again for contributing to this memorial and sharing your memories of my mom. My father and I especially appreciate the photos some of you have uploaded here as well.

    There are many painful reminders of her loss that make...  more
  • Sarah Nelson
    Norine’s participation with Berkeley Broadway Singers went far beyond the music. I will miss her gentle spirit and shy (although sometimes touched with a smidgen of mischief!) smile. -
  • Suzanna Chan
    Norine always brought cookies and treats to BBS rehearsals. It was heartwarming and I really appreciated her kindness. My condolences to Norine's family and friends. Take care.
  • Melanie Berzon
    Norine was a bright light in BBS, spreading her infectious smile and generosity of spirit to all who knew her. Condolences to her family and friends. May her memory be a blessing. 🎵💔🎼💔🎶
  • Jodi Floatingclouds
    I had not heard from Rinky in awhile. She sporadically posted something sweet on my Facebook page and always included me in group emails regarding news of BPL folks. I thought maybe she had tired of my political rants, although that couldn’t be true,...  more
  • Joan Findlay
    Sometimes a person makes such a positive impression that one always remembers her after only one real life encounter. Norine was such a person for me. I only met her once, at the beautiful wedding of my sister Susan and Norine's brother Jeff. We had a...  more
  • Jeff Nomura
    Remembering Norine

    It is with great sadness that I write these memories about my sister Norine, who unexpectedly passed away recently. Norine was a kind and enthusiastic person who was always happy to see me and was a real trooper who never complained...  more
  • Susan Findlay-Nomura
    • Joan Findlay, Rob Waxman, and Paul Eichenholtz reacted on this.
    • Susan Findlay-Nomura
      Susan Findlay-Nomura Norine with her mother, Mikako and her siblings, Hatsumi, Art and Jeff, in Seattle, August 1998
      • April 16, 2022
    • Susan Findlay-Nomura
      Jan Schmuckler I met Norine in our breast cancer support group. She was always a shining light of special cheers and happiness. A close friend from BBS who sang with Norine told me about her passing. I always loved watching and hearing her sing at the concerts. She...  more
      • May 14, 2022
  • Jennie Durrah
  • Jennie Durrah
  • Paul Eichenholtz
  • Christina Phan
  • Rab'ia Keeble
    I came to Berkeley in 1972. I lived hand to mouth mainly odd jobs and a bad marriage. I ended up looking for jobs, and a place to live. It was hard,. It was obvious why I was having a hard time. Despite that I kept looking. I answered an ad for a...  more
  • Tom Dufour
    It was wonderful to work with Norine for so many years. The library reference department could be simply crazy, but Norine never lost her sense of humor even in the most trying of times. And she had a great line. "You think it's crazy now, just wait...  more
  • H.C. Crystal
    Norine was a kind and supportive sister. She loved to celebrate hallmarks in the lives of her family. Here are some photos in 1987 - 1990 - her marriage to Mike and being a new mom to Paul (1990). She was great with children and I am deeply grateful and...  more
  • Julio Iglesias
    I met Norine thru my good friend Paul, she was a wonderful and sweet woman. She will be greatly missed.
  • Susan Findlay-Nomura
  • Susan Findlay-Nomura
    Dear Mike and Paul,
    I am so very sorry for the loss of Norine. We are grieving along with you during this very difficult time. I had the honor of being Norine’s sister-in-law. I will always remember Norine for her kindness, her great sense of humor...  more
  • Rob Waxman
  • Rob Waxman
    Norine was in my guitar class at the Richmond Annex Senior Center. The class was always small and eventually it became myself, Norine and Rose. It was all about having fun, as music should always be. Norine had a wonderful smile and laugh. It was really...  more
  • Amelia Nomura
  • Amelia Nomura
  • Susan Findlay-Nomura
  • Arthur Ikuo Nomura
  • Carole Petersen
    Went to my mom’s (Norine’s Aunty Ayako) and scanned these photos of Norine through the years.
  • Paul Eichenholtz
    My mom, dad and I celebrating my birthday in 2019:

    This is one of the last pictures I have of us together and I wish I had more to share. I have many regrets I carry in my heart but I am glad I was able to see her before she passed away. I would give...  more
  • Devin Jackson
  • David Uyeno
    I was lucky to work with Norine at Berkeley Public Library. She was generous, warm and had a most kind heart. She brought a sense of joy to work and I will always remember her laugh and kindness to all who came into contact with her. Mike and Paul, I...  more
  • Lynn Murdock
    I met Norine at Berkeley Public Library. We started our jobs in Art & Music the same week and, as the two new kids, became friends. Norine was so warm, friendly, fun-loving and wacky-funny. She helped me settle in and meet people. Later, she helped...  more
  • Armin Arethna
    I am so sad to hear of Norine's passing. She was a joyful and kind person, with a smile for everyone, and I was always happy to see her. Michael and Paul, Norine and you are in my thoughts. I hope your wonderful memories of Norine and her love will...  more
  • Armin Arethna
  • Erica
  • Erica
    I am so sorry to hear of Norine's passing. She and I didn't get to work together long, but I was always touched by her kind, kind heart (both her and Michael) and cherished each and every time I ran into her. God bless and take care to Michael, her son,...  more
  • Ben Sikora
    I met Norine as one of Debbie Carton's friends, and first knew her as the expert cook of delicious vegan and non-vegan dishes. Then I learned that Norine loved to sing. I really got to know her as a fellow member of the Berkeley Broadway Singers, which ...  more
  • Cindy  Woo
  • Cindy  Woo
    I am saddened to hear of Norine's passing.
    I am grateful she is not suffering.
    I first met Norine at BPL. She always had a smile and kind word. Looking back, I am sure some of
    her work days were physically difficult, but you could not tell. She had...  more
  • Jaime Reyes
    I will always remember Norine as a very kind and close friend of my wife, Connie, who worked with her in the Reference Department of the Berkeley Public Library. In spite of having suffered her illness for a long time, she always greeted us with a warm...  more
  • Paul Eichenholtz
  • scott corcoran
  • Carole Petersen
    My earliest memories of Norine include her having the dubious responsibility of taking care of Jeffrey and me when we were little kids. We would play games, hide under the table - Norine was there making sure we were entertained. From that time onward,...  more
  • Paul Eichenholtz
  • Paul Eichenholtz
  • Paul Eichenholtz