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Jill Woods

Nicholas Alexander Gager

November 04, 1993 - September 26, 2018

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Nick was a passionate young man who cared deeply for his friends and family. He had fierce love for human beings and animals alike, beig survived by his furry son Riley, the black and white border collie. His sense of humor was sharp and he never turned down a chance to get into a lively debate, whether it be about politics or anything else he felt spirited toward. Nick was an NAU graduate and sharp salesman, while also studying every...  see more
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  • Stephanie Henderson
    Nick. One of the most enticing, energetic and zealous people I’ve ever met. Belly laughs were abundant with this one! One time in high school, we all went to Easley’s Costume Shop slightly before Halloween. Of course, Nick tries on the most expensive...  more
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    • Stephanie Henderson
      Jill Woods This made me laugh out loud hhahahah. I love you thank you so much for sharing <3
      • September 27, 2019