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Claire Blankenfeld

Nayely Paz and Trever Williams

On October 18 Nayely was killed and Trever was severely injured. This memorial is to honor Nayely's memory and send our love to Trever in hope of his recovery.

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  • Jaz Beach
    I remember my 9th grade year I just joined Lacrosse and you were the first person to come up to me and introduce yourself. You made me realize not everyone was cruel in high school. I miss you so much Nay words can’t even express how I’ve...  more
  • Alisha Marchewka
    I have written and erased this at least 10 times. I don’t have the right thing to say. Just know that I love you both. I am honored to have had you in my life- even for a brief time. You didn’t deserve this. You deserved only the most fabulous life...  more
  • Kelly Humble
    King and Queen. I close my eyes and see you both sitting in front of me like always. We are harassing each other, confiding in each other, telling jokes, complaining, dreaming, boasting, crying, supporting, conspiring... Some of the things teachers do...  more
  • Chris Baron
    Working with each of these young people has been a highlight of my time at Patterson, so this is painful to write. Both were such fun to have in class, for different reasons. Trever, always curious and eager to learn, but with a distain for the BS that...  more
  • shaniya hilton
    Nayely I will always cherish the memories we had at Pimlico. You were always a great friend and I hate that you are no longer with us. You had so much more life to live. Sending prayers.
  • Alexsandro Portillo
    Nayely it hurts me to see you go you didn’t deserve it i wish it would’ve been different but life is a mystery. You were a childhood friend we weren’t as close to each other like how we used to be since kids but i’ll always remember you and the...  more
  • Allison Greco
    They were simply called the lovebirds by me during their tenth grade year. They were inseparable, as can be seen here during a drill that was called during class. My heart breaks for their families. Trever, stay strong. 💙
  • Kai Land
    WOW WOW WOW I would have never thought I would be writing this to a beautiful soul! Nay I’m gonna really miss you🥺, Honestly you gave the best advice , and never wanted to see anyone down! You would to good for this world but you didn’t need to...  more
  • Claire Blankenfeld
    Nayely, you were so beautiful and kind. I loved having you in my class every day and seeing you in the halls after you weren’t in my class anymore. I can’t believe your life was cut short, the world is a less bright place without you.

    Trever, I...  more