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Luke Williams

Nathan West

December 12, 2000 - August 21, 2020

In memory of Nathan West, Nathan was a husband, son, brother, and best friend to anyone he met. He was the type of friend you felt comfortable sharing anything with and was so true to his character. Nathan was the most loyal man i've had the honor of knowing, he would drop anything he was doing for his...  see more

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  • Robert Bannerman
    It is hard for me to find words. I am very happy to have been with you at the school house and definitely made it much better with the laughter and jokes. Take care. You were a brother to all of us, that is for sure.
  • Gavin Burk
    Nathan buddy, words can explain how bad we’re all going to miss you. You always brought out the best in all of us, and definitely pulled me through some of the hardest times when none of us wanted to embrace the suck of the corps. There’s so many...  more
  • Dalton Smith
    I'm going to miss our brother and his German accent/ accents he would always do to make us laugh, till this day it's still hard to believe he's gone but he will never be forgotten.
  • Krista Williams
    I never got the honor of meeting Nathan in person, but I always felt like I knew him. Only because of how much Luke talked about him and how often I saw Snapchat videos of him lol. I am so happy that Luke and Nathan met and instantly became best friends....  more
  • Jane Williams
    I never got to officially meet Nathan in person. But when I went to my Quantico for MSG graduation, I will never forget the guy who kept face timing my son,(Luke Williams) to find out where we were and what we were going to do next!! That's when My son...  more
  • Kim Jones
    Missy, Derek and Bri, There are no words at a time like this, and none of it makes sense. But what I know from knowing your family is that there was so much love. Nathan loved you all, and I know how much you loved him. I’m praying for you during this...  more
  • Luke Williams
    Nathan never failed to be the life of the party regardless of where he was, free spirited and full of personality. He was an absolute brother to me and it pains me to let him go. i know Nathan is in a much better place and now giving God the smile that...  more