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Sarah Burchett

Nancy Ruth Klute

January 05, 1952 - January 01, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Nancy Ruth Klute. Collecting your stories and memories here will bring us great insight on who she actually was, from the voices of the many people she shared her life with. I’m creating this memorial to make a book for her grandchildren, so they...  see more

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  • Von Davis
    Ms Klute I met her at St Anns home… she had a lot of character with some spunk….. her personality was everything…. She was down to earth…. Meeting her as a brand new nurse I learned a lot.
  • Lisa Creighton
    I would everyone to know that Nancy was one of my biggest supporters when I was just out of high school. She was also one of my best friends as she would tell it like it was. She supported me when I decided to leave the Army when I was pregnant with my...  more