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Olga Holin

Michael James Ward

March 06, 1979 - September 03, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Michael James Ward. Mike was incredibly kind and thoughtful and so we ask for you to share your memories of him here (funny or serious) and the impact he had on your life (no matter how small or big). Click on the heart to let us know you were here...  see more

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  • Judd Orr
    I met Mike in 2008 when we were working at Prime Trading in NY together. We became friends and stayed in touch ever since. Mostly through emails, but every few months we'd catch up via phone to talk about financial markets and life. His insights and...  more
  • Nick C
    I knew Mike when we worked together in London starting back in 2002. I still remember the day we met and how I was confused by his calm stillness, and my inability to understand what he was thinking. That never changed. He was kind. He was thoughtful....  more
  • Philipp Leser
    I only knew him as an anonymous user on an internet forum on quantitative finance. His true idedentity was revealed to me today. He always went out of his way to help people there (including me). Always friendly, patient and with a great sense of humor....  more
  • Kris Kumar
    I first met Mike through Wilmott forum around 2003 and have seen him over the years evolve in his career. He was one of the nicest guys and thoughtful. He liked his whisky and in later years took to wearing white sneakers before they became cool for...  more
  • Steve Zheng
    Mike, you have been such a great colleague, a friend, and member of our DCIG family. We will all miss you dearly. I trust that you are onto better and greater things in this next chapter of yours. This is not a good bye. Perhaps just a "see you...  more
  • Jenny Chang
    Mike and I became friends as we carpooled to work for several years while he was at Verition. Each morning, we made the nearly one hour drive from Manhattan to Greenwich, CT and through those bleary-eyed early morning conversations I learned what an...  more
  • Chris Walsh
    I have worked with Mike since 2019, much of that was remote because of the pandemic. Generally, Mike's was the first voice I would hear each morning as he ran through a summary of global macro and political events and gave a preview of the day ahead...  more
  • Ewa Holin-Lipowcza
    Personally I only met Mike 3 times . First two when he came with Olga to visit us (I am Olga's mother) for a short stay in Germany and the last one two months ago when I came to visit Olga and Mike in Golden.
    Here I got to know him a little better. He...  more
  • Anna H
    We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to Olga and Mike's family. Olga is my sister and while she spent her time mostly in Canada in the past few years so we did not get to spend much time with Mike to get to know him well, he was always very...  more
  • Judson Ames
    15 years ago I met Mike through work in NYC. Relative to Mike I knew less than nothing about investing and finance, none the less Mike took me under his wing feeding me tidbits of information and book recommendations for well over a decade. In short, he...  more
  • Jacob Jurg
    For about two decades I had the pleasure and joy of having a regular (monthly / weekly / daily, depending on the situation in the markets and our positions at the time) email contact with Mike, occasionally mixed with telephone calls or meetings. We...  more
  • Justin  Lesnoy
    I was lucky enough to work with Mike over the past 4 years and I will very much miss his calm/soothing demeanor, his wisdom, and quick wit.

    Each and every time we spoke, I learned something new, coupled with a few laughs. In addition to the above,...  more
  • Ella Britnell
    I had the pleasure of meeting Mike when Olga and Mike first moved to Golden. We quickly became friends when we got puppies around the same time. All of the dogs just loved Mike he had such a lovely nature and was so calm with them.
    Mike made the best...  more
  • Michael King
    I knew Mike for about 10 years starting with working with him at Verition. We sat next to each other and quickly became good friends. I can honestly say he’s one of the few close friends that I have made as an adult. He was easy to befriend because he...  more
  • Olga Davidoff
    Dear Mike
    Thank You for being a part of our lives. Although that time was a short, your presence has left a remarkable imprint on our lives. We are incredibly saddened that we would no longer be able to have you over, to have you smiling and enjoying...  more
    -With loving memories of Michael James Ward 03/06/1979 - 09/03/2022
  • Michael Masterkoff
    The first time I met Mike was in London in 2018 while celebrating a Christmas with my relatives. He was late for the gathering which he attributed to just arriving to London.

    So, here enters a tall and slender fellow with disheveled hair and most...  more
  • Nancy Hillier
    Mike was an amazing person inside and out. His love for his family (Olga and Luna) and his passion for the outdoors were strong. I was lucky to be Mike's neighbor for a year. His calm energy and kindness never ceased. I always enjoyed chatting with Mike....  more
  • Georgia Peck
    Mike was an amazing person and a wonderful friend. I had the privilege of being his neighbour for two years. We shared a passion for food, wildlife, and our mischievous dogs. I have so many fond memories of Mike, many of which include baked goods,...  more