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Nicholas Young

Michael Emmet Young

January 25, 1947 - August 21, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Michael Emmet Young. Click on the Memories & Condolences tab to share your stories and memories of Mike to help us remember him.

Michael Emmet Young, ambitious builder, world traveler, and loving father, passed away on August 21, 2020. Mike was born on January 25, 1947 to Doris Young and George W. Young in San Francisco. He was the father of two sons, Nicholas and Brendan, and one daughter, Mackenzie. Mike was always an adventurer and a lifelong learner. He started his career in oceanography and ended in computer programming. He was never still in retirement,...  see more
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  • Helen Ryan (Bourke-Nelson)
    I met Mike on fb as he was travelling to Australia in 2015 or 2016 and I was moving back to Laramie, Wyoming. We tried to hook up with his travel plans whilst he was here but it did not work out. - we Skyped every week and had such laughs with his...  more
  • Sarah Lund
    I met Mike on a trip through French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Brazil in 2018. We had such fun and adventures. What struck me most about him was of course his wicked dry sense of humour, his big heart, generous spirit, but not forgetting his 'don't...  more
  • Marianne Rieux
    I thought of Mike as a friend during the many years at NITC. Most of the folks there were in it “for the long haul” (20-to-30 years of service), often working long, long hours, and under tight deadlines. But many balanced hard work with hard play,...  more
  • Jennifer Schukar
    Sending prayers and hugs for an extraordinary life well lived and an old friend gone too soon.
  • Suzanne and Kevin Lindsey
    Dear Nick, Brendan and Family,
    We are so sorry and saddened by the loss of your Dad. We enjoyed the time we spent with Mike. Football games, shared birthday wishes, Thanksgiving and smoking cigars in the garage, weddings and helping you move into your...  more
  • Kirsten Johnson
    Mike and I met 7 years ago when he was applying for a home loan at the company I worked for. He continually brought in paperwork and loathed any emails from me requesting additional documentation. I quickly picked up on his interesting personality and...  more
    • Marianne Rieux reacted on this.
    • Kirsten Johnson
      Marianne Rieux Your is a nice piece of writing and a great memory of Mike. Thanks for sharing him with us.
      • September 19, 2020
  • Mike McSherry
    Mike and I started working together 35 years ago. Our common interests in building things and travel made us immediate friends. Over that time we continually supported and prompted each other through good times and bad in our combined interest in...  more
  • Brendan Young
    Here's Mike holding his grandson Arie for the first time :)
    • Brendan Young
      Marianne Rieux Remembering the first time I held my grandson, a great burst of joy! Same for Mike, I'm sure.
      • September 19, 2020