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Chris Wasney

Melissa Peabody

September 02, 1958 - August 10, 2020

This memorial was created to celebrate the life of Melissa Anne Peabody. Missy, who lived with an unabashed spirit of joy and curiosity, was a light to all who knew her. This site will serve as a forum for her family and friends—who live all over the world—to come together in remembrance around our shared...  see more

Melissa Anne Peabody, 62, passed away peacefully in her San Francisco home on August 10, 2020. She is survived by her husband, Christopher Wasney; her twin sons, Michael and James Wasney; and her three siblings Bill, Betsy, and Andy Peabody. Her passing is deeply mourned by them, and by a worldwide network of friends bound together by their unwavering adoration for her. The sentiment shared by one such friend, and felt by everyone...  see more
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  • Deborah Kirklin
  • Deborah Kirklin
    Missy was my best friend and roommate when we were at Stanford. She was there for me during our lives and we especially enjoyed trading stories of raising our kids. Her singing was a thrill, and her curiosity about life was inspiring. As one of my...  more