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Hitesh Shah

Meghna Shah

We have created this memorial to celebrate the life of Meghna Shah. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Please see the events section for funeral details.

Meghna played many roles in her life - she was a loving wife, a caring daughter, a protective sister and an amazing friend. As a doctor, she was a visionary and wanted to bring a different perspective to the field of medicine through her work. She had this infectious joy in her personality which drew everyone towards her. No matter the situation, she would always look for the silver lining and was truly an optimist. She loved exploring...  see more
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  • Elizabeth Rocco
    Meghna was courageous, bold and always seeking new opportunities, experiences and challenges. She was persistent and determined and not afraid to ask what she needed and wanted in life. Meghna reached out for connection, brought people together and built...  more
  • Siri Batthula
    Meghna was my housemate for 18 months of her fellowship in Boston. She is a fun-filled friend and I cherish the time we spent together and the chats we had while drinking chai or eating dosas. Its only 3 months ago you shared your plans for raising your...  more