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Scott is survived by his wife Julie, sons Everett and Fionnagan, and daughter Teaghan. In lieu of flowers, donations to help cover yet unpaid medical bills and living expenses are appreciated.

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Shannon Sobanski

Matthew Scott Usher

March 11, 1967 - July 03, 2020

We created a memorial to celebrate the life of Scott Usher. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer Scott's family great comfort and a lasting way to remember him. Scott's memorial service will be virtual. We will post the invite to view it live on Zoom here, as well as a recording afterwards....  see more

Matthew Scott Usher was born on March 11, 1967 in St. Louis, Missouri to William and Carolyn Usher. Scott was an engineer at Image Industries for most of his career. He enjoyed woodworking, reading, watching movies and listening to music, but most of all Scott enjoyed spending quality time with his family. He was smart, witty, kind, generous, and strong to the end. He battled ALS with amazing strength, courage, and grace. He is...  see more
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  • Shannon  Sobanski
    For those of you who missed today's live memorial for Scott Usher due to the Zoom disruption (seriously...what kind of sad person does that, but anyway), here's a link. I created the second link very quickly, so the screen showing the speakers is small,...  more
  • Mike Barrett
    We'll truly miss him
  • Mike Barrett
    Every time there was a family get together, I always looked for an opportunity to sit and chat with Scott. We had many similar interests. We talked about music, the latest audio and video technology ( I always learned about some new technology from him),...  more
  • Shannon  Sobanski
    We will be remembering Scott today starting at 3pm. Please feel free to join us on the live Zoom link. The chaplain will be speaking around 3:30, with family following.

    You will need to log in to Zoom and use the password provided here:
    Shannon...  more
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  • Janine Goldstein
    Scott had such a great sense of humor and such love for his family. When he saw Tom wearing the “ I’m sick of being my wife’s arm candy“ sweatshirt he cracked up and had the best laugh. I know how very dear he was and how much he will be...  more
  • Patricia  Fabsits
    Scott was a wonderful son in law, but an even better husband and father, that is where his heart truly was. Julie was the love of his life and his children were the light of his life. He was a wonderful man.
  • Shannon  Sobanski
    Here is the link to the live Zoom stream of Scott's Memorial, being held at the Sobanski home (outdoors, weather permitting) on Saturday, July 18th from 3-6pm.
    **You will need to download the Zoom app on your phone or login to and...  more
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  • Julie Usher
    Love you Scott❤
  • Julie Usher
    Scott was the absolute best friend, husband and daddy around. We were blessed to have him for the time we did.❤❤
  • Shannon  Sobanski
    Please consider contributing a video (or message if you prefer) to this lasting memorial on GatheringUs. (Just hit the red video camera below to record). Share any memories you have of Scott - fond, funny, or otherwise - or condolences for his family.