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Michael Cowen

Matthew (Matt) Eugene Larson

December 18, 1955 - November 20, 2021

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Matthew Eugene Larson was born 12/18/1955 in Corona California to Gordon and Rita Larson. He was the oldest of 5 children, raised in Southern California with his 3 brothers (Nathan, Eric & Dan) and 1 sister (Jennifer). Growing up, he developed a love for building model aircraft and flying radio control airplanes. He loved the ocean and sailing his parents' 27-foot Morgan sailboat with his brother Nathan, where he skippered and won...  see more
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  • Loni Lewis
  • Carl Wilson
    Uncle Matt was always very kind to me when I was a child. I remember his questions as well.. one time in particular, asking Jacob and I what the lyrics meant on the back of the new sublime CD. I thought that to be extreme until I grew up and can now see...  more
  • Darrel  Frank
    I First met Matt in 1990 when I needed a second Line wired at an apartment i was living in at the time, after the job was done and he was leaving he asked if he could pray with me.
    That was the start of a friendship that lasted 31 years.
    the thin I...  more
  • Lisa Hayden
    We met Matt and Linda when we moved a couple houses from them almost 6 years ago. Matt and Linda were so kind to come over to introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighborhood. Matt and Linda have been wonderful neighbors. Whenever we needed help...  more
  • Lisa Hayden
  • Xuan Diep
  • Xuan Diep
  • Jackie Molina
    Steve and I had the privilege of knowing Matt since 2018 through our friendship with Mike and Hannah. Matt instantly welcomed us like family and we felt so loved by him and Linda. He was a shining example to us as new believers what Godly leadership...  more
  • Bill Cunningham
  • Sukeshini Kelly
  • Sher Lisa
    Linda and family my prayers and love sent to you all.
    May God continue to give comfort and peace.
    Sherry Sisson
  • Michael Cowen
    Thanksgiving 2021
    Thanksgiving was one of Dad's favorite holidays. Every year he looked forward to this day, this table, but most importantly, the tradition of sharing our "thankfulness" with each other.

    Years ago he started a tradition where...  more
  • Michael Cowen
    Right to left: Matt, Linda, Kori & Steve Weeks (mentioned in obituary)

    Thank you Steve for the lifelong friendship and spiritual brotherhood that you offered Matt for most of his Christian walk.

    And thank you for the kindness you have shown me...  more
  • Wendy Zevalkink
  • Christina Block
  • Carol Valentine
  • Debbie  Rouse
  • Bill Cunningham
    Matt and I were in Coast Guard boot camp together. We became fast-friends. I remember one of the quiet times we had sitting on the floor with his locker open. There was a picture of Linda. He tapped it and in his halting style of speech sometimes,...  more
  • Jackie Molina
  • Michael Cowen
  • Michael Cowen
    This man. He taught me what it meant to be a real man. A man that loves his family and owns his mistakes, who speaks truth no matter the consequence. One that works hard to provide for his family, knowing that provision always comes from the Lord.

    He...  more