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Matthew Brady Gualtieri

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Matthew Gualtieri. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Matthew Brady Gualtieri ("Matt"), our much loved son, father, brother and friend passed away on January 21, 2021, from hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Matt was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on May 29, 1976; and grew up in Long Beach, California.  He worked in a variety of jobs in his early years and was living in Arizona when he met Ericka Schultz.  They were married on April 17, 2010. He joined the US Army and graduated as a combat...  see more
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  • Ronald Scott
    I am sorry I could not make the event today. It was our first day, re-opening for the season. ;( Ron P
  • April Melendez
  • Dee in Las Vegas
    Matthew was a guy with a big heart and smile. Here is young Matt with his sister Robin in Las Vegas, it was great to see them together!! He will be missed. Rest in peace.
  • Dee in Las Vegas
  • Lisa Porter
  • Al and Marlene Gualtieri
  • Brandie Tate
  • Ronald Scott
    There is a big part of me that still thinks Matt is deployed and that when he gets back, he’s gonna call. Just like he always did.
  • Ronald Scott
    Mexico 1996!

    Matt bought Champagne for the whole club we were at!! The first day we got there! See the red circle on my arm? Matt opened a coke bottle in our hotel room with a lighter and it nailed my ass!!
  • Ronald Scott
    Beaver Creek CO 1993!

    RIP Brotha! You are Greatly Missed and Loved!
  • Ronald Scott
  • Luis Arroyo
  • Basil Raidt
  • Jayd Kruger
  • Desjara Bartell
  • Kayley Price
  • Orlando Medina
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