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Eileen Keane

Mati Urb

April 04, 2010 - April 04, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Mati Urb. Please share your memories of Mati and messages to his family.

Mati was a beloved brother, son, friend, and student. We are devastated by the loss of this loving, caring, funny, and kind young man. Mati was a friend to all who knew him and never hesitated to say hello or help someone in need. He will be desperately missed by all who knew him. Rest in peace, dear Mati.
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  • mantasha saeed
  • Shruti Strivens
    Dearest Mati, You were such a clever boy! I enjoyed all the pun jokes you would tell me and all the amazing drawings you did to accompany them. You were so kind and friendly to everyone and wore your heart on your sleeve. I consider myself lucky to have...  more
  • Anastasia Vaia
    Our deepest sympathies for the loss of your beloved son Mati. Peggy was his buddy when he first came to school this year and she has made a lasting connection with him. It is so unfair and unfortunate to lose him that early. Our thoughts are with your...  more
  • Eirik Eidem
    We are so sorry for your loss. Please accept our condolences from the deepest of our hearts. We are thinking of you all during this difficult time.

    Marie, Emma, Lene and Eirik
  • Rick Terrio
    I remember the first time that I met him I could not understand him very well, he seemed a bit unique to me and then when I saw his drawings it all made sense, he was a kind young loving arty boy and he will forever be in my heart. God bless mati's soul
  • Nada Amin
    We are very sorry for your great loss, please accept our condolences. My son played football with him and says that he was the best 5th grader football player, always energetic and happy. We are keeping him and your family in our prayers. Nada, Ahmed,...  more
  • Paolo Torchetti
    Please accept our prayers and our sadness for the great loss your family is facing.

    Our son Sasha told us about Mati always wearing a smile and being kind when he was able to enjoy his company.

    May the strength and energy of his gentle soul support...  more
  • Sue Gifford
    Dear Mati, You were such a sweet, caring, sensitive soul. You always brought so much creativity, humour, and feelings to our drama classes. I always remember the time you told me you were feeling sad, then the next day you told me you were happy, ...  more
  • Denise Edwards
    Mati's sweet spirit will always have a place in Deuce's heart. He remembers playing football with Mati and said he was a "really nice friend to me". I know during this difficult time it may be hard to see, but please know how very much Mati is...  more
  • Catherine Piramide
    Mati was known as Hubert’s kind big brother in my sons eyes. Though we did not know him personally, the depth of his absence is a measure of how highly he was regarded. We are covering your family in prayer and sending much love from our home to yours...  more
  • Molly Brown
    In the short time I knew him, I saw Mati approach life with a calm, wide-eyed, open spirit that was both beyond his years and beautifully innocent. Earnest and kind-hearted, he listened intently and enjoyed communicating with others. The bond he had...  more
  • Alaniatube1
    It was and it still is a deep shock to us. The bright memory of Mati will always remain in the hearts of people who loved him and cared about. Our deepest condolence. Alena, Pavel, Taisiya.
  • Farida Saeed
    To Mati, you were a very nice, funny, and smart friend and your art was amazing! I loved spending time with you and I want to thank you for always being nice to me and being there for me when I needed a friend. Love Mantasha
  • Jennifer McKinney
    My daughter knew Mati from an after school activity and tears filled her eyes when she heard the news. She said he was such a kind young man. We are praying and sending all of our love and healing for your family. If we can do anything to help, no matter...  more
  • Stephanie Widmann
    We are so very sorry about the loss of your amazing son. We send our most heartfelt condolences. We are thinking of you all during this difficult time. - The Widmann Family
  • Karen  MacKelvie
    I loved Mati the first moment I met him. So bright and earnest and full of fun jokes. I’ll always remember him collecting blackberries in a paper cup to offer workers, his chatty stories and such excellent English that he could tell complicated jokes....  more
  • Maryen Munoz
    There are no words to describe how sorry we are for your loss. Our hearts are with you during this difficult time.
    Eva Munoz family
  • Michele Gibbons
    Although we can offer no relief from your pain please be aware that the parents and teachers will always, for the rest of their lives remember Mati with love . We are thinking of your family and your beautiful child with love
  • Nadia Attar-Bashi
    We are so very sad and sorry for your tragic loss . Our hearts and prayers are with you during this time. May he rest in peace
  • Mario Crovato
    Our deep condolences for such a tragic loss. Rest in peace, little angel
  • Jill Kruse
    Offering our deepest condolences for your family, and heartfelt wishes for peace, comfort and strength.
  • Nolan Trevorrow
    We are so very sorry for your loss. We dedicate ourselves to the family, our minds think of the family, our hearts reach out to the family; May Mati, knowing that he is loved by many, rest in peace…

    Isabelle, Colin, Nolan, & Lou
  • Tammy Garbett
    Our hearts go out to Mati’s family during this tragic time. Our son, Ethan, was Mati’s friend in the same Grade 5 advisory class. Mati was a good friend and he will be missed so much. We are thinking of your family and offer our deepest condolences...  more
  • Ranjna Mapara
    We are sorry for your profound loss and the and unimaginable pain you must be feeling.
    We had the pleasure getting to know Mati last summer when you moved into the neighbourhood. He was a smart, friendly and a wonderfully gentle soul. We watched him...  more
  • Raj  Sudha
    We are extremely saddened to hear your loss. We can imagine the impact this will have on your family. Hope and pray that you recover from this tragedy soon.May his soul rest in peace.
  • Enas Shaban
    I am so sorry for your loss. Our hearts are with you through this difficult time. Enas, Basant and Mohamed
  • Kristin Keller
    Our prayers are with you and Mati - our hearts break for your loss and the world’s loss of such a special boy. Our children aren’t the same age as Mati (2nd/6/8) but knew him and spoke of him warmly. Your community has their arms around you. Much love - the Kellers
  • Sandhya Sridhar
    Our deepest sympathies to Mati’s family. Extremely saddened and upset to hear about your loss. Much strength to your family. Aadharsh, Sandhya, Akshath
  • K J
    K J:
    We are so sorry for your loss, you and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers. May you find some peace in the memories you shared together. Stephen, Kristen, Patrick and Elliot Johnson.
  • Mark Packer
    Deeply Saddened Our hearts are with you, we was walking our dog up the cliffs that afternoon and you asked us if we had seen Mati and showed us a photo on your phone , me and my wife have only just heard about this accident, we are so so sorry and both...  more
  • Lynn Goad
    We are so deeply sorry for your loss. Sending our heartfelt condolences. We will be praying for your family. Mike, Lynn, and Darcy (grade 2M) Goad
  • M O
    M O:
    We were so saddened to hear this tragic news. Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss. Mati and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. The Ollivier family.
  • Olivia Gunning
    Mati - wonderful little human. I loved seeing your sweet smile each day and sharing your witty jokes. So sensitive and bright, so funny and gentle. I'll never forget when we looked through your cartoon drawings together - those characters named with...  more
  • Rola Chakra Arbid
    What a devastating news! Sending our deep condolences to Mati’s parents, siblings, family and friends! May his soul Rest In Peace!
  • Lola Oduleye
    My family is thinking of you and extending our deepest sympathy to you during this time of your loss. Our prayers and blessings are with your family.
  • Isabelle Trevorrow
    Please know that we are thinking of your family during these unfathomable times. Mati was clearly a very special soul as all those who knew him can attest. Sending you our deepest sympathy.
  • Lamia Abou Ezzeddine
    Our hearts goes out to the parents, siblings, family & friends. We are thinking of you during this tragic time.
    Our deepest condolences for your loss.
    Rest In Eternal Peace Mati😔🥲
  • Linn Otterbu
    Our hearts goes out to the parents,siblings, family and friends. We didn’t know Mati, but our son Brage in 2J knows his sibling in 2M.We are so sorry that you have to go through this, we are thinking of you in this difficult time.

    Brage, Linn & Eirik
  • Shabana Khan
    Our deepest condolences for your loss . We will be keeping Mati and his family in our prayers .
  • Jane  Wogan
    My daughter Harlow is in grade 10, but remembers knowing Mati from seeing him walk by her in the halls , and always thinking how cool he looked. May your beautiful boy rest in peace, our thoughts and prayers go out to your family .
  • Cecilia Bylund-Declerck
    No words of comfort can do justice. My heart goes out to the family, to the parents. From the bottom of our hearts, me and my daughter are sorry for your tragic loss. Rest In Peace Mati. Lots of Love.
  • Haseeb Khan
    Our deepest sympathy to the family. We are thinking of you and your family during this tragic time. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this awful time. Rest in peace little chap.
  • Eileen Keane
    Mati was a wonderful student, a caring friend, a loving son, and a devoted brother. His humour and care for others were just two special qualities I enjoyed in him. He was truly a friend to everyone and always made sure to greet his classmates and...  more
  • Michelle Eriksen
    Mati was always polite and friendly. He was a caring and thoughtful brother to his younger siblings. He will be very much missed in our ACS community. My deepest sympathy to Mati's family.
  • Martin Hall
    Interactions with Mati were always an absolute pleasure. He was invariably respectful, extremely polite and happy to engage in a quick chat about anything. He was kind towards others and I enjoyed his wry smile, his thoughtful manner and his quirky...  more
  • Whitney Biddiss
    My deepest sympathy to the family. Mati may you rest in peace.