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    Jun 27, 2020, 4:00 PM US/Eastern


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Ngoc Lund

Mary Lund

Mary passionately believed in legacy so please help us to pass her story on by sharing your own stories. Click the link below and share your story/memory of Mary. Especially with COVID - it's been an extremely hard season void of much human contact - uploading a video of you sharing your stories would be...  see more

How do you capture in words the breath and depth of Mary Quinn Lund?  Mary was a manger an operations manager at Ericsson, an entrepreneur owning Lund Angus Farm, a life learner and teacher earning her masters in medicinal chemistry and teaching kids.  These are the tangible successes of Mary’s life…but these experiences showcase the true character and essence of Mary:   She was exceeding strong willed (don't get in her way when she...  see more
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