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Mary Elizabeth "Maria" O'Connor Campbell

We have created this site dedicated to remembering the incredible life of Mary Elizabeth O'Connor Campbell. An unforgettable woman who was full of life and laughter, Maria was much loved by her huge circle of friends, family, teammates, clients, and neighbors. We invite you to share your memories here...  see more

It is hard to believe that it has now been one year since Tropicasa Realty and our community learned of the passing of our long-time co-worker and dear friend, Mary Elizabeth "Maria" O’Connor.  Maria suffered complications from an emergency surgery and passed the evening of Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Whether serving her clients or reveling in her friends, she lived her life with an unyielding strength and enduring passion that was an...  see more
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  • Jorge G
    I was looking for a "good" photo of Maria and I and I realize I had this one, and even though it may seem like she is not there, she totally is ! It is a recent photo and for us, she was basically there !

    I learned about this place ( and many...  more
  • Jorge G
  • Gary Greene
  • Laura Munguia
    Whenever I think of Maria, the pictures that come to mind are of her always laughing. She was a very happy and passionate person who enjoy life to the fullest. There are countless of anecdotes from her that always make us laugh whenever we recount them....  more
  • Sylvia McNamee
    There is not, one single moment, that I did not entirely have fun with this woman! She reminded me that life should be lived in grand fashion and to take no shame in enjoying it to the fullest. I miss my friend very, very much, and as she would want me...  more
  • Orlando Santamaria
    Conocí a Maria en persona en una cena de amigos en común, aunque ya la había visto antes y había oído hablar de ella nunca había tenido la oportunidad de convivir con ella; cuando me enteré que estaría ahí un escalofrío recorrió mi espalda una...  more
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    • Orlando Santamaria
      Orlando Santamaria Mujeres fuertes, tenía muchas ganas de saber como pensaba y que pensaba y esa cena fue una experiencia increíble. Recuerdo que cuando se enteró que era abogado me preguntó que porqué no ejercía a lo que le contesté que estaba asqueado de la ley en...  more
  • Estelle Eisen
    Maria & I arrived in Puerto Vallarta at about the same time. We met through my next door neighbor, one of her close friends. She was working as a receptionist in a real estate office on Hwy 200. I was struck by her awesome inteligence, and friendly...  more
  • Wayne Franklin
    Well, after 19 months of basically staying away from the “sea of humanity”, I decided to venture to San Sebastian for a getaway. Even though I’ve been working, I wanted and needed a change of venue. No, I’m not staying in the haunted...  more
  • Ian Shepherd
    Remembering the joy and fun that Maria shared with all of us - we will miss her unique joie de vivre! So many moments over the 15+ years that Alejandro and I knew Maria, here are just a few photos of a particularly fun-filled weekend in Chicago - Maria,...  more