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Sandra Thompson

Mary Chidlaw

November 09, 1931 - March 13, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of our dear sister in Christ, Mary Chidlaw. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Mary was a devout and faithful servant of the Lord and was very involved in our church body, Cow Creek Community.  Her faith, hospitality and joy have made a lasting impact.  She had a great love for others and had an ability to make people smile and laugh no matter the circumstances. She lived out her faith courageously. We are so thankful for her life and celebrate her with our memories shared on this page.   "Yes, we are of good...  see more
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  • Shane Nurnberg
    Mary will be missed. In church, knowing that she couldn't see very well, I would often approach her and introduce myself with a fictitious name and even disguise my voice. This was my humor, but also a test for her. She always knew it was Shane. I loved...  more
  • Sandra Thompson
    We have gotten to know Mary over the past year. She was a blessing to our whole family. During our power outages we had the opportunity walk to her home and get to know her. She greeted our children with love, hugs, open arms and many questions for...  more
  • Travis Payton
    I had the privilege of getting to know Mary over the past few years as one of the pastors at Cow Creek Community Church. She was a delightful and warm person who always enjoyed conversing. She loved seeing my children in our worship services and would...  more
  • Jeremy Twombley
    A fond memory I have of Mary is her rabbit trails. Her mind moved so fast, that every conversation would include many rabbit trails to other matters. This made her so fun to talk to. I could have sat for hours talking and laughing with her as we...  more
  • Jeremy Twombley
    I had the privilege of Mary knowing well over the last 6 years especially. She had had a sharp mind and a quick wit. She was also very warm and caring for her friends and family. She was a loyal member of the church through thick and thin for decades. We...  more