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Anna Kryczka

Marion Kryczka

June 15, 1948 - July 30, 2022

Please share your memories of Marion here. Thank you for helping us commemorate a rich life. If interested, please find links to donate in Marion's memory at the end of the obituary.

Marion Kryczka was born June 15 1948 in Wildflecken Germany in a Displaced Persons camp to parents from Poland and Ukraine.  He came to Chicago at the age of two. He passed away on July 30 2022.   He is survived by his wife Martha Barry, their children Nick (Meghan Thomas)and Anna (Bernie Lau),  his grandchildren Sam and Eddie Kryczka and his sister Susan Kryczka .   He is preceded in death by his sister Lottie Kryczka and his...  see more
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  • Nick Shindell
    Marion, who I still consider the best professor of painting imaginable, will be greatly missed. I first met Marion in the summer of 2001 at SAIC's early college program. During those two weeks, his teaching style and sense of humor strongly impacted my...  more
  • I was looking up Marion to invite him to speak at an Omaha area art event. I was unaware of his passing, and it shocked me back to my Art Institute days... Marion stands out as the finest professor of my years there. He wasn't just a great artist, he was...  more
  • Lilia Gonzalez
    I treasure this painting by Marion. He was a great friend and I have many fond memories of hanging out and talking with him and Martha. My deepest condolances to his family.
  • Andrew Steiner
    Marion was a great example of strength and creativity from his materfull oil paintings and ink drawings they all told of his deep soul and ability to show us the strange fascinating world that is right in front of us all.
    He also had great taste in old...  more
  • Joe Mangrum
  • Olivia Petrides
    Marion was a treasured friend and SAIC colleague. Thirty years ago, before class on my first day at SAIC, he came into my classroom and wanted to know what I was teaching - not the syllabus, but my personal views on teaching and artmaking. I was a little...  more
  • ikbaki
    I met Marion as a senior in high school. He was an instructor at gallery 37. I could talk about his golden excellence I think he achieved as a teacher. But I think I'll save that for further down. What I will share is, there was this one time he gave a...  more
  • Emily Rapport
    I met Marion 30 years ago as a student at SAIC. He taught me everything I know about painting, a language he loved. He continued to be a mentor to me after graduation - I was lucky to be his studio-mate for a few years in Ravenswood. There aren't too...  more