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Laura Eyler

Manny San Martin

March 20, 1954 - May 03, 2022

I created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of my father Angel/Manny San Martin. My father was FULL of life!! And anyone who knows him as heard a joke (or two or three). I would love to remember the GOOD and the FUN of my father, and he would have it no other way. It would mean a lot to me if...  see more

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  • Jane Norton
    Favorite FB post from Manny
    • Jane Norton
      Jane Norton Today, I'm both sadden and happy to see off David Norton and Jane Norton, friends that I'll treasure until my last breath. They're leaving town (retiring) and traveling the country in their mobile coach. Yup, lots of folks say they're going to do the...  more
      • June 3, 2022
  • Laura Morrison
    So many thing! From when we lived in Warwick, NY - my sweet neighbor Manny kept us grounded when 9/11 happened. Always could count on him.
    My kids thought he was so cool because he dressed up his cat for “church” on Sunday.
    When he made hot wings...  more
  • Max Heidari
    He was so fun to hang out with.
    First time I met him at thanksgiving at Mark & Pat's place. He took a napkin and a pen and started drawing . He said a teacher asked students to draw something they saw and wouldn't forget last summer.
    A student...  more
  • Christy San Martin
    I remember meeting your dad in New York for Thanksgiving. There were so many cats! He was such a fun host and he broke out the Puerto Rican music and instruments. He showed me all of his Hard Rock memorabilia. Later on we sent him a "Show me your...  more
  • Danielle Barlow
    Your dad was so mother-effin charming and funny that he convinced me to issue him a crotch docker number...breaking every rule...and is still the only nonskydiving crotch docker! Now that's a cool ass dad!! You are very lucky to have that kind of dad!!
  • Marlene Moradian
    I remember one of our doggy date days I came over and he was there, and he generously drew me a picture of a mountain peak and a sun directly over it… I believe he said, “The sun is shining where the sun don’t shine”… I’ll leave it at that...  more
  • Laura Eyler
  • Jenny San Martin
    You are the One of the Best thing that has ever happened to me. Will always remember your jokes ♥️♥️♥️♥️ RIP brother ♥️♥️♥️♥️