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Jo Thomas Blaine

Maija Ingrida Meijers

May 03, 1952 - April 21, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Maija Ingrida Meijers. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us all great comfort as we adjust to her transition to the non-physical realm. Surely all of us who knew and loved her know that she believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that...  see more

Ah, Beloved,             There will be a time to Go Home.  There will be a time to lay aside the body illusion and fly free in Wisdom and Light.  But, meanwhile, be the window through which the Light shines.             Open every moment of your days and nights to letting the Wisdom and Light shine through your every word and task and action.  This is no small thing, but We know you can do it.             This is no small thing, and...  see more
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  • Elizabeth Belser
    I first met Maija in seventh grade. We spent many hours together that year. We loved to walk to the shopping center or anywhere else in our hometown. Many times, she went barefoot on those outings. Maija was fun, funny, reverent (but irreverent toward...  more
  • Ian Snyder
    I first heard of Maija when I was living at Kripalu Center back in 1992. Some of the best people there were raving about this incredible psychic/spiritual advisor they had been to. I went to see her, and my life opened up in ways I can not even begin to...  more
  • Paul  Cavalli
    I met Maija almost twenty years ago. Ever since that time, she helped guide me through so many changes and things that I faced. Beginning then, we emailed each other several times a month and then later our talks became texts. And, occasionally when...  more
  • Susan Kohler-Gray
  • Susan Kohler-Gray
    As today is Maija's birthday, I am moved to share my memories of her. Maija and I met as Board members of the Yellow Sun Food Co-op in Amherst, MA back in the late 1970's. Our love of healthy food was the first of many things we shared over the years...  more
  • David Sechrest
    Maija Meijers' Eulogy to my Porpoise
    I met Maija at the beginning of my freshman year at Columbus High School. All my friends called me Draper, and I mention this only for those who do not know me. My friends and I spent many weekend nights at Maija's...  more
  • Chuck Boll
  • Tom Moore
    I first met Maija in 1965, when we entered seventh grade from different elementary schools. She had the equivalent of a posse in those days, not about ego or control, instead because Maija had an enormous light about her. She never seemed to be concerned...  more
  • Jo Thomas Blaine
    Maija shared a story with me once about driving home from grocery shopping, with traffic getting her a little irritated. On the passenger seat beside her was a big box of trash bags, you know the heavy-weight kind with the commercial many of us saw...  more
  • Jeannie Acri
    • Jeannie Acri
      Jo Thomas Blaine Looks like posting here can be a little tricky... here is what Jeannie wrote to me. Thank you Jeannie for sharing! "I never met her in person, but I have been visiting her website Angels Daily Message for twenty years. I cannot begin to say how amazing I...  more
      • April 29, 2021