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LT General Robert Yerks

October 24, 1928 - July 25, 2021

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of LT General Robert Yerks. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here, share your photos and stories.

LT General Yerks, Hon, Dad, Poppop, Uncle Bob.   Patriot, hero, and dedicated servant of humanity whose love of country led to a distinguished career in its service. His love of peace reflected in his selfless effort to resolve conflict in strife torn lands. He was a true solder of peace whose accomplishments as a soldier, diplomat, and humanitarian are respected by all.   But also, he was a warm fire in the fireplace, sometimes in...  see more
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  • Gary Yerks
    Some of the Mass cards sent from family and friends.
  • Gary Yerks
    Special note from Carol Meyers (General Shy Meyers wife). General Meyers was one of Pop Pop's roommates from West Point.
  • Gary Yerks
    Letter from Chief of Staff of the Army regarding Dad's Passing:
  • Cecily Gourley
    To the wonderful Yerks family,
    In the summer of 2008, with his neck brace on, LT General Yerks, Bob, made the long journey from Kentucky to visit my dying father in Monterey, Ca. We laughed and cried as they told their stories and long-standing jokes...  more
  • Gary Yerks
    Letter to Pop Pop’s Grandchildren

    As Pop Pop spent the last 4 years with your Aunt Maribeth and me, I thought I would send you a note to thank you all for the love and respect you showed him in the last years of his life.

    I am certain your parents...  more
  • Ryland Yerks
  • Jimmy and Jackie Keppler
  • Ellis Pines
    I was just thinking about Gen. Yerks and had not realized he has passed into his next adventure just a few weeks ago. I met Bob as we called him through his West Point classmate Garrett Sanderson at the advertising agency then known as Stackig Sanderson...  more
  • Ryland Yerks
    Christmas 2007 Aunt Bert & Pop-Pop
  • Ryland Yerks
    Christmas 2010 Pop-Pop & Grandma
  • Ryland Yerks
    Christmas 2007 Aunt Patty & Pop-Pop
  • Ryland Yerks
    Pop-Pop and Me at Fenway park For the 2018 run to home base.
  • Gary Yerks
    From Dad to the Family
  • Gary Yerks
    The George Washington Room. Dad's special place to contemplate his love for his family and friends.
  • Gary Yerks
    One of our last times with Dad just before he left for Texas. Very Special for our family!
  • Gary Yerks
    From Our Cousin Bobby Vasta:

    Hello Classmates, Family and Friends,

    I am very sorry to hear about General Yerks passing.

    Like so many people, Gary’s Dad helped me many times over the years. In 1996 I was looking for a job after retiring early from...  more
  • Brennan Marsallo
  • Jimmy and Jackie Keppler
    We have so many memories and photos in our hearts of the best times on Shadow Fox Court. Bob was the “Mayor”. His nightly stroll around the circle with his glass of his favorite beverage on ice was always expected and looked forward to. He ended his...  more
  • Rosemary Reeves
  • Thomas Yerks
    we celebrate the passing to ancestry of our father. one luv.
    thomas / yumi / rachael & kanna
  • Craig Carlson
    Trying to tell all of the stories about good memories involving Bob and his family would create an entire book. And I include his family because they are all a direct result of the kind of person he was, and along with Iris it was always Team Yerks. The...  more
  • Patti and Ken Hunzeker
    General Yerks was a true hero and a gentleman. He wrote Ken several letters at important times during his army career. These letters and notes and words of wisdom meant the world to Ken. We had such a great time talking to General Yerks at an Army...  more
  • Stu Carlson
    General Bob was a great man!! He used to sneak me root beer and cream sodas in his garage and gave me my first pocket knife (I'm pretty sure I was 5 years old). He was a true hero and role model for anyone who knew him. Thinking of you all!
  • Meghan MacArevey
    I don't yet have the words. Pop pop, I miss you.
  • Maribeth Yerks
  • Sara Schultz
    My grandfather's hard work, heroism and unwavering dedication to our country, military and helping others has no doubt been an inspiration to everyone who came into his life. His endless list of accomplishments and achievements continued to make our...  more
  • Austin Arminio
  • Marc Gunnels
    General Bob’s smile and his gentle voice will be a constant reminder of a friend I won’t ever forget. What a privilege to know him and his wonderful family. “May it be said, Well Done…Be Thou at Peace.”
  • Kevin Yerks
    One of my favorite memories and a weekend I will never forget! Love you Poppop!
  • Kelsey Gallagher
    We love you always and forever Poppop!