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Cynthia Young

Lonnie Lee Jones, Jr.

June 28, 1930 - June 09, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of (Lonnie Lee Jones, Jr.). Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. To participate in...  see more

Lonnie Lee Jones, Jr. was born June 28, 1930 in St. Louis, MO to the late Lonnie Lee Jones, Sr. and Beatrice Hamilton Jones. He was the Eldest of Four children.  After serving his country in The United States Army, Lonnie enjoyed a full and rewarding career with the United States Postal Service for more than 33 yrs.  Anyone who knew and loved Lonnie, knew sitting still in retirement was an unreasonable ask of him. After retiring...  see more
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  • Sharaya James
    As quoted in comments for Uncle Lonnie Lee Jones Jr. " The Jones Family" Past time "CARDINAL BASEBALL" you could Always Certainly find Cardinal uniform Gear in Our "Jones Family" homes somewhere.
  • Sharaya James
  • Danielle Teen
    SIH Uncle Lonnie❤️
  • Corey Jones
  • karen yvonne small
    • Courtney Burke reacted on this.
    • karen yvonne small
      Kezia Lewis This is a tremendous loss. Especially for me.. i am willie earls grand daughter amd sharays daughter. My uncle Lonnies neice. He was the most amaxin man i was close to thats left of my grandparents mamma jones. I lived him dearly. he had the biggest...  more
    • karen yvonne small
      Sharaya James Finally. I will miss him so very much. we had some good times together. eatchin The news Cnn, Msnbc. and Cardinal Baseball, Jones family Tradition,and doing what he loved best drinking Coffee. or simply goin to the store. Sometimes just trying to...  more
    • karen yvonne small
      Hanna Pimentel My dear Uncle Lonnie, my Uncle Lonnie is the eldest longest living youngest man I’ve ever known in my entire life! After the death of his brother, my grandpa WillieEarl my Uncle Lonnie took on the task my grandpa left for his eldest brother Lonnie...  more
    • karen yvonne small
      Neil Small My heart goes out to Cynthia and Leigh. The loss you feel of losing a parent is indescribable.
      I have something to share.
      Whenever I would go to visit my mom, Wilma at Andrus on Hudson (a retirement residence) here in New York, I would make it a point...  more
    • karen yvonne small
      Courtney Burke The Last of a generation that has transitioned to the next plane of existence. May the ancestors welcome your spirit into the Kingdom with open arms. My condolence to Cynthia and Leigh. 90 years old almost 91 by the end of this month. You lived 5 years...  more