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Lisa Clark

September 06, 1967 - June 19, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Lisa Clark. Lisa passed away unexpectedly in her home on June 19th. By posting your stories and memories here, we will be able to create a beautiful memorial book for her family and hopefully provide a source of comfort to all those who loved her....  see more

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  • Shaheera Abbasi
    I had Ms. Clark for math and science during my 6th grade year at Palms. I am now a sophomore in college and I can confidently say that having her as my teacher was a foundation for my success as a student even to this day. I am so sorry for your loss as...  more
  • Dommy Gonzalez
    I met Lisa years ago as part of a knitting group. I was one of the newbies and she welcomed me warmly and she never failed to make me smile or teach me something new. We shared a few mutual friends and you could tell how much she treasured each person...  more
    I have been a colleague and friend of Lisa’s since my time at Palms for over 7 years. I was so shocked and devastated to hear the news of her passing. We had just run into each other on the PE side of Palms getting our Covid tests the last week of...  more
  • Jillian Borders
    Lisa and I went to the same knitting group in Culver City for many years. We would meet every Monday night and I loved seeing Lisa each week. She was hilarious and kind. Over the years, I'd see kids from Lisa's class or previous years' classes run...  more
  • Lorraine  Eberhardt
    I’m heartbroken. I just learned that my forever friend and sister passed last week. I met Lisa working as a summer camp counselor in the early eighties, we were roommates, camping buddies, Lisa was my confidant. I could share anything with her and she...  more
  • Paul  Sims
    Lisa, You were my sister from another mother. We travel, talked, and played like siblings. From our early days as roommates to our times traveling during Summer, Spring and Winter vacation you were there for me as I was for you. I know God put you in...  more
  • Trina March
    Lisa was teaching at Palms when I started at the school as a Special Education teacher and I can’t imagine what it will be like there without her. For me and for her hundreds (or thousands) of students--who played Bazinga, learned pumpkin seed math,...  more
  • Cyndi  Laroche
    I just heard of this news. I am very saddened by this. Lisa was my mentor and friend. I loved her dearly. She has a heart of gold. I grew up at the YMCA and she was always so nice to me. She was my counselor when I was little and she kept in touch with...  more
  • Amy Miko
    Hello Mr. Clark,

    My name is Amy Miko. I just logged on to my work email and received the devastating news of the passing of your amazing daughter, Lisa. I was transferred to Palms Middle School in the Fall of 2021, so I was new to Palms. I...  more
  • Theresa Shimizu
  • Claudia  Casillas
    I met Lisa early in 1994 as we both worked at the Santa Monica YMCA and quickly became good friends. Even after I moved out of state we would get together when I vsited and on the day she took a trip here to Colorado. Lisa was and will always and...  more
  • Crystina  Garcia
    I worked with Lisa at Palms Middle School and we quickly became friends . I loved seeing her face in my classroom door during her conference period . She was sweet , smart , so funny and thoughtful . She always remembered my birthday and was the first to...  more
  • Stefanie  Wetzel
    I worked with Lisa at Palms. She was so fun to be around. I really enjoyed meeting up with her and Terri on Sunday mornings. I loved her sarcastic humor and wit. I still can’t believe I won’t see her again. She is deeply missed.
    I was in denial when I first heard of Lisa's passing. I was a partner of hers at Palms MS for only one year, but we hit it off very well and then administration gave us new partners, bummer. She was a joy to be around and always let you know where she...  more
  • Melinda Price
    I was so shocked and saddened to learn of Lisa’s passing. She was so full of life and had such a great sense of fun. I worked with her at Palms Middle School for 10 years. I loved her sarcasm as we laughed and sometimes cried over the craziness of...  more
  • Carrie Garret
    I have worked with Lisa at Palms Middle School for over 11 years. She is an incredible friend , who could put a smile on anyones face. She is missed tremendously!
  • Julie Kammerer
    I am so sad to hear of Lisa passing. I met Lisa at CSULA and we were both studying to be teachers. She of course went to middle school and I went to ecse. She loved her family, friends and students. She will be missed. ❤️
  • Cicely Fleming
  • Eve Pereira
  • Diana Sabin
  • Sarah Bates
  • Darius  Trugman
    I am absolutely devastated to hear of the news of the passing of my dear friend Lisa Clark. She was a LAUSD teacher who was so dedicated to her students. I used to visit her class in full uniform and speak with the kids on what it was like to be an...  more
  • Shane Rabineau
    LC lisa Clark was the coolest y camp Councelor biggest heart and the stories of good times are endless from resident camp to day camp hangin at the y or meeting up to talk about where’s everybody at these days.
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    • Shane Rabineau
      Cyndi Laroche I’ll never forget those resident camp days Beverly Hills ymca. Lisa was indeed the best camp counselor ever! She was always so cheerful and funny! She also made camp so fun! She had a sense of humor too! She cared about everyone! I will miss her too Shane!
      • June 27, 2022
    • Shane Rabineau
      Hugo Acevedo I am grateful for my friendship with Lisa. We spent many moments laughing together in my office, talking about her students, the things that they would say or do… I will remember her beautiful happy smile. God bless you Lisa.
      • July 4, 2022
    • Shane Rabineau
      Thomas Tucker I met Lisa during my first year of teaching in Los Angeles (20+ years ago), and we quickly became friends. We traveled throughout Spain, Portugal and Morocco as a duo (yes, we got stranded there and made the best out of it. We also delighted in finding...  more
      • August 17, 2023
  • Kimberly  Clark