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Amanda Elek-Truman

Les Brown

July 22, 2020 - July 22, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Les Brown. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. Sitting at the Human Resources front desk for the last 4 years, everyone met Les at some point, and he loved...  see more

Les and I became friends over happy hours and lunches a few years ago, with his dry humor and ability to talk about almost anything. He was our secret guide to Los Angeles and tips on any place we were headed. And I always loved he got me out of going to the opera by being David's +1.  I wish we could have him over for dinner one more time.  
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  • Chris Cornwell
    Sadly, I'm just now hearing of Les' passing. Les and I met working in the art department of a TV commercial around 1988. We hit it off immediately and he asked me out for a drink. Much to my surprise, it was actually a date, as I thought Les was...  more
  • Nancy Bender
    I met Les when he began volunteering as a literacy tutor at the Main Library (I'm the literacy program coordinator). He was always so kind and eager to help. My literacy program colleagues remember him fondly, as well. He is one of a few City staff who...  more
  • Maria Dacanay
    Personally, thank you for including me in your walks around Tongva Park with Jeff and Rebecca. It was fun to get together for lunch a couple of times and introduce you to Pilipino food. I was impressed when you choose to make kare-kare at home...  more
  • Ericka Reinke
    A few months ago, Les met up for a Happy Hour after work at a local spot where most of the staff are from abroad. The first server came up to the table and Les engaged in a full-blown exchange in French with that server. The second server delivered food...  more
  • Claire Hester
    I am so sad. Les was always so friendly and cracked me up with his dry wit. It felt special that he always remembered my name and seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing. A huge loss for all of us.
  • Rebecca Adams
    Les and I were friends from the moment we met and initially bonded over our love of Cottonwood Lakes in the Sierras. Les, I wish we had the chance to backpack to Muir Lake this fall, I wish I could give you one more awkward hug, tell you one more really...  more
  • C Mandel
    My Condolences to the Les family and friends. He will be missed. I would see him early in the morning at the swimming pool working out. It was always great to see him so happy and ready for another morning...I will miss your swim humor. Swim on until we...  more
  • Jeff Snyder
    Such a face!
  • Jeff Snyder
    Here is a list of music Les recommend to me and Rebecca during quarantine. He was man of good and eclectic taste...

    Paul Simon The Rhythm of the Saints
    Orchestre Baobab Pirates Choice
    Shostakovich String Quartets No. 7 and 8
    Miles Davis Birth of the...  more
  • Tracy Mattie
    My condolences to Les' family and close friends. I met Les when I started working for the City two years ago. He met me once in a class and always addressed me by my name thereafter-which was impressive, kind, and welcoming. I loved the simple...  more