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Lee Benjamin

March 30, 1926 - May 05, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Lee Benjamin. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Vicki Sidrow
    On behalf of the Northern Valley League of Women Voters, we send our deepest condolences to Lee's family. Lee was a smart , generous and gracious woman. For a number of years she opened her home to the League membership for our Annual Holiday Party in...  more
  • Barbara Weingarden
    Lee was an extraordinary person of the highest standards. Energetic, giving, and caring were some of her many virtues. She and Don were pillars of the First Congregational Church of Haworth, which is where I first met her. She immediately embraced me...  more
  • Jeanne Martin
  • Barbara Weingarden
    Alison Weingarden remembers:
    Lee was a tremendously caring and intelligent person. She had a special way of interacting with people where she was completely focused on them. Her own life was rich and full of travel and experiences but she loved her...  more
  • Jen Chin
    The following is being posted by Jen Chin but lovingly written by
    Jan Farrington:
    You’ve all heard about Lee’s wonderful qualities, but I’m here to tell you about what Lee wasn’t, which is on time. Many of you are smiling and nodding,...  more
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    • Jen Chin
      Michael Benjamin Jan, what an honest and heartfelt comment! Carolyn and I are sitting at dinner nodding our heads and laughing. I remember Carter and I waiting hours on Christmas Day to open our presents because Lee was bustling around doing other things. Being on time...  more
      • June 12, 2022
  • Jane Ghrist
    Here are some pictures of my beloved Aunt Bobbie. My family and I are going to cousin Glenna's home today to be with her family for the memorial service. We are looking forward to seeing you all and celebrating the wonderful life she lived.
  • Michael Benjamin
    Below are the lyrics to a beautiful song written by a dear friend, Helga. Helga performed this piece at Don’s funeral service years ago and it has so much meaning for us. Helga’s song “Remember Me” will also be featured in a very special portion...  more
  • Susan Murphy
    Dear Lee was The Parkinson's Group connection to the church hall. For years she arrived on monthly Saturdays with the keys and her famous shortbread. She was such a kind and caring supporter of our families as we gathered for helpful presentations on...  more
  • Michael Benjamin
    Sharing some photos from Lee’s interment ceremony yesterday. Her ashes were wrapped in the New York Times and she was buried with tea leaves and chocolate (she is ready for the “tea and sweets toast” at todays virtual memorial!). Bobbie, Bob, and...  more
  • santosh Gupta
    The Women’s Club of Haworth will always miss Lee Benjamin. She was a important member of our community. We will never forget her concerns for the problems of the world and her many charitable donations to these causes. Thank you, Lee, for everything...  more
  • santosh Gupta
    When we first moved into the house next door to Lee’s, at 10 PM she came over with the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. Since then, we began our amazing friendship. She introduced me to many of her friends and because of her I joined the...  more
  • Barbara Farina
    I first heard the name Lee Benjamin when I went to her church Christmas craft fair. I was told you must try her shortbread. Of course, it was wonderful. Years later, Lee did a demonstration of her shortbread and kolacky for our Woman's Club of Haworth...  more
  • Jen Chin
    Remembering Lee…
    “How are you keeping?” were Lee’s famous words asking over and over again with everyone she met. This woman’s lifelong purpose seemed to be the caring and feeding of others at all times. I met Lee and husband Don in November,...  more
  • Chris Kaefer
    My introduction to Mrs Benjamin what through Mike who I got to know through cycling probably over 30 years ago. So many memories but some that are still so vivid:
    - "mom and dad" attending one of Mikes' bike races and being so concerned....  more
  • Michael Benjamin
  • Jane Fulton
    Our mother Lila, was the baby sister in the family. Those three girls were so close. We call her Aunt Bobbie because that is what our mother and her family called her growing up. Love all my precious memories of her.
  • David Reeder
    David (Reeder) King here. Here are some photos of Aunt Bobbie / Lee. I will share a broader set with Michael and anyone else who'd appreciate via Google Photos.
  • Bobbie  Benjamin
  • Elizabeth Bagwell
    Aunt Lee was always busy doing something for someone else. She would bustle around wanting to do more and give you more, even when you said you had enough. Her heart was full of giving and she was never satisfied that she had done or given enough. She...  more
  • Carolyn Tarnay