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Andrew Stoumbaugh

Lee and Terri Stoumbaugh

We know there are a lot of you who will be unable to attend the service. We created this virtual memorial for you to share your stories/memories both funny and sincere, that we can look back on these and find comfort in knowing the impact our parents had on your lives. We miss them, but your stories can help...  see more

William Lee Stoumbaugh Jr. & Terri Stoumbaugh 1952-2021; 1955-2021 William Lee Stoumbaugh Jr. passed away on September 28, 2021 following a fight with COVID-19 and the effects of the drugs used to fight COVID. Lee was born on June 22, 1952 to William Lee Stoumbaugh Sr. and Betty Lou Stoumbaugh in Rapid City, South Dakota. Lee graduated from Northglenn High School and the University of Houston Clear Lake where he earned a BS in...  see more
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  • Julie Cave
    Sending love, warm and prayerful thoughts your way during this season, and ones to follow! As you know, your parents were members of New Life for years, and myself and one of my sisters are so close in age, we were known as twins, and usually dressed as...  more
  • Ciara  Voss Whisner
    So many memories of this amazing family. I met Christie in 6th grade, and we became fast friends! She invited me to church with her family. Long story short, I learned about Jesus, having a real relationship with him and his unfailing love. What a...  more