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Efeletin Jacob

Late Pa Victor Nosakhare Osadolor

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Late Pa Victor Nosakhare Osadolor. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

28th, 30th and 31st October, 2021
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  • Rosemary Irene
    Our very supper V is gone! You were father to many and I happen to be one of those. Always asking after my well-being after your daughter my friend and sister left Nigeria. May God welcome you blessed soul to heaven!
  • Etinosa Osadolor
    The first thing that goes to my mind was the website “GATHERING US” which says a lot about you. You teach me to love and always look out to people around me because you trained so many which you bestowed love on them till they became Greatmen and...  more
  • Norfred  Moye
    Great Father..
    The memories of your last birthday is still as fresh like yesterday,and to think we were going to celebrate your birth again this year. But Ecclesiastes 3:2 happened hmmm! Your coverage of love will be greatly missed..keep...  more
  • Osaretin Moye
    Its to sad we have to say RIP to Pa Osadolor but we take solace in the fact that you lived an examplary life which reflects in your children and those around you, we will all miss you and i say Adieu Epa! Your good deeds will always but remain our hearts.
  • Osaretin Moye
  • Glorious Dii
    I never met you in person, but my 20 years friendship with your daughter Sophie, meant that I often heard about you. As Sophie wouldn't stop telling me how much she loves you and how you meant the world to her. She would tell me how she misses you. I...  more
  • Osadolor Eghosa
    My beloved father, who played both the role of a father and mother in my life after losing my mum at age nine, I still can't believe you are gone, I use to think real men don't cry but when you passed on in my hands, I realized real men do when a hero...  more
  • Ewere Osadolor
    Your departure to the great beyond where dwell in peace worthy ancestors came to me as a shock and a big surprise. However, l join your children to give God the glory for the good life you lived. We thank God for the great...  more
  • Charles Usiomoifo
    The news of your passing came as a rude shock! However, i take solace knowing you are in a better place now, where there is neither death or pain.
    A great Daddy you were to us all in your life time, your simplicity, open mindedness and very great sense...  more
  • Charles Usiomoifo
  • Moye  Rasta
    You were a father to all and you will greatly be remembered....we miss you so much and we al know you resting in the blossom of the lord....Rest in Peace till we meet again In the Lord...Amen
  • Ewere Osadolor
    Daddy as you were fondly called, am still getting used to the fact that we won't get ur calls everyday to check on us.
    You had a large heart there was no difference between ur biological children, daughter in-law s and adopted children you loved us all...  more
  • Ògbéni Ade Bakare
    I remember as a young Boy with no cares in the world how you ignored my crude inexperience and accepted my attitude, you displayed an understanding far beyond my age, you showed how it really means to be a father, may God grant you a peaceful rest and...  more
  • ighile austin
    My Father my father, my co Chelsea supporter 😀
    I already miss your relaxed welcoming voice.
    Your youthful mind and quest to know more when we get into those hot healthcare, political and sports discussions.
    I still hear your voice when you said...  more
  • Sophie Ighile
    Sophie Osadolor

    GONE TOO SOON!!! 😭😭😭

    Staying far away from you was hard but you been gone forever has no word to describe how I feel. Nothing and no one can fill the emptiness and vacuum you left inside of me. 😭😭🤧
    Dad, you will...  more
  • Sophie Ighile
  • Efeletin Jacob
    Daddy lived a life worthy of emulation. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace, amen.