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Landryk Holmes

This memorial is to honor and celebrate the life of Landryk Holmes. Collecting your stories and memories of him here will offer us great comfort. Donate to cover funeral expenses and suicide prevention efforts at Click on the heart to let us know you were here, add your own stories,...  see more

Just 15 years old, Landryk brightened the life of those around him with his kindness, support of others, wit, adventurous spirit and his successful pursuit of intellectual and athletic excellence. Landryk's family, friends and community are in shock, disbelief and deep grief at his completely unexpected taking of his own life. His parents would like to honor their son's strongly held beliefs with an eco-friendly service and burial that...  see more
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  • Nora Gayer
    A lovely pair and a lovely trio
  • Bethany Cobb
    To play the videos below without overlapping sound:
    After clicking on the video frame, click on the "go to video" button at the bottom right corner. Then the original audio stops, and clicking the play button on the video makes it play correctly.
  • Bethany Cobb
    Alphabet movement class
  • Bethany Cobb
    In 2012, I had the honor to teach a small alphabet movement class for Landryk and a few friends. Merlyn supplied the camera, and Chris filmed. I chose these clips from that wonderful day to share here.
    Memories of Landryk moving in community.
    Bethany Cobb
  • Bethany Cobb
    Alphabet movement class
  • Dante Rosato
    We climbed to the top of a building in a construction site together. It felt like we were on top of the world. I’m shocked and sad that I won’t be able to do this stuff with you again. I hope you are climbing the tallest mountain or building wherever you are.
  • Ashley Hoang
    Landryk, such great memories we had with you. It would have been nice if we could travel to more places together, nerding out about things like ways to calculate the height of Hoover dam, and finding more creatively academic ways to describe taboo words....  more
  • Rose Silberman
    • Rose Silberman
      Rose Silberman Please scroll through the whole album. With LOVE, Rose, Phil, and Flora.
      • August 10, 2022
  • Rose Silberman
  • Robin & Suzie Modak
    Dear Landryk, I really really wish you would have chosen to stay with us and venture through your life with those who love you. Wherever you are I send much love and a hope that your existence will fill a magnitude love Suzie
    Dear Landyrk, missing you,...  more
  • Peter Dunk
    With all my love. Pete
  • Chris Holmes
    Walking with you all the way, Landryk. -- Dad
  • Enrico Searfoss
    Some of my favorite photos. Love you LANDRYK
  • Josh Nims
    We love how Landryk so often had a smile to share - so kind and talented. Luke and Tessa feel grateful to have grown up along side him and they have many memories they will cherish.
  • Pomeroy Family
    Landryk, you excelled at everything you tried. Your creativity and playfulness made every day brighter. You showed loyalty and kindness to Abe from the very first day of Kindergarten. Your friends will miss you always. We are lucky to have known you.
  • Merlyn Holmes
    Oh how Landryk liked to climb. Looks like he's climbing into the light here, doesn't it?
  • Merlyn Holmes
    Run, Landryk run. Speed right through the universe. My love will follow you everywhere you go. I always said I'd love you "all the way to moon... and back." -- Mom