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Kenneth Midworth Creer

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life and scientific achievements of Ken Creer. Please share your stories of Ken here. These tributes will be passed to his family. They have said that anyone wishing to donate in Ken's memory could do so to or to an equivalent local...  see more

Ken Creer, one of the pioneers of palaeomagnetism applied to plate tectonics, and of experimental rock magnetism, died in Edinburgh on Wednesday, 19th August, aged 95. He was Professor of Geophysics at University of Edinburgh between 1973 and 1993, and stayed active for many years after his retirement. He worked with scientists around the world, especially from South America, and he is credited with having developed palaeomagnetism...  see more
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  • Alastair Robertson
    By Alastair Robertson, University of Edinburgh
    I would like to add a word or two of appreciation as a colleague of Ken’s. As a geologist, I was rather far from his research field when I was appointed to a lectureship in oceanography at Edinburgh...  more
  • Tristan Clube
    Ken was my joint PhD supervisor at Edinburgh in the early 80s. Together with Alastair Robertson at the Grant Institute we used palaeomagnetism to help develop microplate tectonic models in the evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean. At the time few had...  more
  • Fotini LIakopoulou-Morris
    I came to Edinburgh in 1988 to start my PhD and Ken welcomed me as Head of Department. I was delighted to meet such an approachable and friendly professor, and being Greek I was even happier to discover that his wife, Zoe, was also Greek – they both...  more
  • Antony Morris
    I’d like to add to the tributes to Ken from his friends and colleagues, as one of the many people lucky enough to have been supervised by him during their PhDs.

    I started in Edinburgh in 1986, supervised jointly by Ken and Alastair Robertson. Ken...  more
  • Joan Roche
    Ken was a lovely grandfather to my daughter Josephine and son Constantine. "They always had so much fun with Ken, as he allowed them to clamber and crawl all over him and the children really enjoyed all the jokes and games that he played with them,...  more
  • Wyn Williams
    Posted on behalf of Don Tarling

    When I came to the Department of Geophysics and Planetary Science at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, it was already renowned due the activities of its head, Keith S. Runcorn. Indeed, he had recruited me while...  more
  • Wyn Williams
    Posted on behalf of Vincent Courtillot

    I want to join the friends and colleagues who have already expressed their grief at Ken Creer’s passing and their admiration for all he accomplished. I remember many friendly discussions in Scotland and at...  more
  • Ian Main
    Kenneth was my supervisor as a PhD student in the early eighties, and my boss when I returned to Edinburgh as a lecturer. I will remember him as a major global figure in geophysics, with many and wide interests, who wore this recognition lightly. He...  more
  • Alex Jackson
    From 1973 when he came to Edinburgh I was on lake bed sediment coring field work with Ken many times, he was always cheerfull and good company, I also recall him playing in the Geophysics staff football team against the students, although getting on in...  more
  • David Watson
    It’s not often you meet someone like Ken – everything had character. There will be many testimonials to the ground-breaking character of his academic work but even in the middle of the night (whilst trying to coax a result out of a reluctant...  more
  • Haroldo Vizan
    Genius and humility in the same person. Sitting next to me, he told me honestly what he thought about paleomagnetism, its scope and limitations. Thank you!
  • Fabio Florindo
    It was September 1993 when I started my experience in paleomagnetism with Ken Creer. We met a couple of months before at the University of Rome during a sediment core sampling and before he left, he invited me to spent a few weeks in his lab, in...  more
  • Wyn Williams
    Ken was a remarkable scientist and huge character in our scientific community.

    I joined Edinburgh University in 1989 and got to know Ken quite well as a scientist, colleague and friend. As recalled by many, Ken was a jovial and spirited individual,...  more