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Memorial Created By
Sangeetha Kirubakaran

Karunagaran Valiyur Sivasankaran

September 24, 1951 - September 22, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Mr.Karunagaran Valiyur Sivasankaran. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

"Your Presence We MissYour Memories We TreasureLoving You AlwaysForgetting you Never"
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  • Sangeetha Kirubakaran
    Memorial shared by Mr.Karunagaran's colleagues.
  • Karthika Baraneedharan
    My name is Sahana.
    This message is for my dear Karuna thatha.
    I love him very much!
    He was like a friend to me.
    But, he passed away. I miss him so much..
    But, for me he didn't go away..
    He will always be in my heart.
    I hope his soul rest's...  more
  • Gokul Harish
    நம்ப முடியாதது என் மாமாவின் மறைவு. எங்கள் அம்மாவின் செல்ல தம்பி.இருவரும் அவர்கள் அன்பை...  more
  • Sangeetha Kirubakaran
    My uncle, a man of simplicity and honesty. With his always smiling face and a cool attitude, he has won many hearts in our family and friends circle.
    His life started in a small village Vazhiyur. He was the youngest in his family with one elder...  more
  • Jagannathan Ramakrishnan
    Shruti and Daven were blessed by his presence during their wedding festivities in 2019! My thanks to Kiruba for bringing the entire family to Minnesota last year.
    The last time I saw him was in MSP airport, Karunakaran uncle and family were traveling to...  more
  • Jagannathan Ramakrishnan
    My first vivid Memories of Karunakaran uncle was when Athai and mama were newly married, and they were visiting our house in kailasapuram township. Within a few years they came home, with little Kiruba! He was this charming cute boy, I remember carrying...  more
  • Viji Sridhar
    2019 was an amazing year creating many wonderful memories with Karuna uncle and Rosy aunty participating in all the events and functions we had organized. He always had a smiling face and would never say anything to hurt others. He would say “Nalla...  more
  • Viji Sridhar
    Uncle singing
  • Viji Sridhar
    Uncle and aunty bursting cracker
  • Sangeetha Kirubakaran
    Condolence message from Mr.Radhakrishnan , Bangalore :

    When I was informed of the sad demise of Mr Karunakaran I could only experience shock and disbelief. It took me a whole day to reconcile myself to the reality that he is no more. He was a quiet...  more
  • Sangeetha Kirubakaran
    Tribute from her granddaughter Akshya Kirubakaran :

    “My grandfather’s legacy and the some of the memories that I had with him :
    Life has changed before my eyes after the death of my beloved grandfather. The only emotion I felt toward that news that...  more