• Atlanta Memorial Service for Justin Davidson

    Mar 12, 2022, 10:00 AM US/Eastern

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Julia Davidson

Justin Charles Davidson

August 15, 1983 - January 29, 2022

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this challenging time. Details of Justin's Hawaii memorial service are provided here and details of the Atlanta service will be shared within the coming days. Please click on the heart to receive an email update regarding memorial...  see more

Justin Davidson, 38, passed unexpectedly on January 29th. His presence is sorely missed and his loss is deeply felt as he was a gift to everyone who knew him.   Born on August 15th, 1983 to loving parents Wilds Davidson & Cynthia Lippert, he immediately filled the lives of those around him with laughter and joy.   Justin loved life. He was passionate about living his to the fullest, experiencing, understanding, and empathizing with...  see more
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  • Aki Marceau
    It's been a little over a year, and we still deeply feel your absence. There were so many moments both you andJulia popped into my head over the last year. Every time I go to 'ili 'ili Cash and Carry, wanna talk through an energy x transpo idea, and...  more
  • James Roberts
  • Chad Conway
    Miss you bro. So glad we spent so many memories together. You made moving to Hawaii way more fun.
  • Chad Conway
  • Karen Salter
  • Lori Davidson
    Justin words can’t describe how much you will be missed! We feel so blessed to have had an amazing trip in Hawaii with you in October. You and Julia planned it perfectly and we knew it would be one we would never forget but had no idea it would be our...  more
  • Michael Shay
    At a loss for words. Justin was a bright light in all our lives. He will be deeply, deeply, missed.
  • Michael Argosh
  • Andrew Leed
  • Andrew Leed
  • Julia Blake
  • Kelly Kaye
  • Ryan Mullins
  • Kristle Freeman
  • Janet Fugarazzo
  • Kaitlyn Stelmack
  • William Tinkler
  • Kathleen  Fowler
  • fionatianshui Xu
  • Joel Iglehart
  • Joel Iglehart
    Justin, you made the world and my life richer. You are a beautiful, joyful person. It only took meeting you once for you to become one of my best friends. I always admired your ability to make such deep, immediate connections. Your energy was a rare and...  more
  • Jordan Little
  • Angela Evans
  • Heather Anderson
  • Brooke Haman
  • Ryan Dixon
  • Tom Schotkamp
  • Danny Whigham
  • April Roscher
  • Patty Bassetti
  • Naty Herrera Azabache
  • Brad Crist
  • Brad Crist
    Justin, you're a a beautiful soul and a wonderful mentor. I'm grateful we ran into each other in Kauai. God bless you, JD. I love you man
  • Jeff Roland
  • Jeff Roland
    JD, it was an honor and a privilege to know you. You had an impact on everyone you met and will be missed greatly.
  • Marc Pearson
    Thanks for being there for all the important moments, big and small, fun and serious, happy and sad. You were the best. I will miss you forever. Love you man.
  • Diana Stoian
  • Natalie Cowart
  • Greg Hazelton
  • Dana Altone
  • Erinn Pearson
  • Mark Barry
  • Laurie Miller
    Justin was so kind, funny, smart, full of life in every way. Our family will be forever grateful to have had time together in Hawaii. It was incredible to see up close how much he fiercely loved you, Julia. We will miss you and we will always remember...  more
  • Laurie Miller
  • Paige Altone
  • Laurie  Nixon
  • Carol Altone
  • Naty Herrera Azabache
  • Zach Ramsey