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Judee Silvestri

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Judee Silvestri. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

To my team member, friend and colleague, Judee Silvestri...It was truly a pleasure and an honor to work with Judee and get to know her as a person.  It was my good fortune to have her on our team of designers and have her positive energy and smiling face around us on a daily basis.She was warm, funny, generous and open. Her team was everything to her and she loved the collaborative nature of her work.  She strived to help those around...  see more
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  • Charlie Silvestri
    I miss my wife and truly appreciate the time everyone here took to talk about Judee. She was the best part of me, that's for sure.
    This picture is how I like to remember her. The smile that told me we were good, and the 'I know you're up to something'...  more
  • Oksana Pidhainy
    Judee will be missed by all, especially me. She was a sparkling star who will forever shine brightly.

    She was funny, joyful, interesting, curious, thoughtful and loving, almost always imparting wisdom and kindness in the same breath.

    Judee made things...  more
  • Jeffrey Trexler
    Judee was always such a great friend. Always willing to lend a hand and such a caring person. She would always ask me about my daughter and son to see how they were doing and she put others first before herself. We would have long conversations about...  more
  • Matt Andrews
    I probably knew Judee the shortest amount of time of all the people posting here. From what I've read and heard about her, I have the barest glimmer of what a wonderful and caring person she was and how deeply she'll be missed.

    That said, it's not often...  more
  • Erica Schultz
    When I used to work in the NY office Judee was the go to person if we had any questions about NJ or International jobs. I knew she would always go out of her way to help me or find the answer for me. She was so sweet and caring and it was so nice to get...  more
  • Jen Riker
  • Briana Haney
    Judee, I will miss your smile and Judee brew at the office. I'm not good at this type of stuff, but you were a source of good that this world needed. Let me know if Jesus really does wear jeans. :)
  • Sue Carnevale
    The creative team has a daily online meeting and we decided to have a holiday hat day just before Christmas. This was Christmas 2021 and Judee had been having more health issues, but she showed up to our meeting with a smile and without complaint. ...  more
  • Stephanie Wilcox
  • Erica Keith
    The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council was honored to have Judee as a member at Innovairre. She had a heart for people of all kind. Thank you Judee for you dedication. We miss you! 💛
  • Rick Contreras
    It still does not feel real to me that she is no longer with us, when I first started with the company, I felt a little out of place to be honest, yet she was always so open and welcoming to me… when I saw all the comic swag all over her desk, I knew...  more
  • Rick Contreras
  • Sue Carnevale
    To those who so generously will be happy to know that
    Innovairre has decided to match our donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation up to $2500.
  • Martin Rybecky
    This is our Judee… Happy and smiling on the frozen canals of Amsterdam. Always keen on helping others, positive and kind. She’ll be remembered this way. I miss her very much.
  • Melissa Manzone
  • Melissa Manzone
    We took this in Paris. I was over an hour late to meet you because I had been operating that entire weekend on UK time. When I got to the café, you gave me the biggest hug and never let on what a big doofus I am. We had so much fun chatting away over...  more
  • Stephanie Wilcox
    Judee has disappeared from our world too soon, but never from our hearts. It's still such a shock and so hard to believe, and I wish I could have given her just one more hug. I already miss her presence so much as a friend and long-time colleague. Judee...  more
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    • Stephanie Wilcox
      Jill Querceto Steph, your sentiment is truly beautiful and the poem perfect, I know Judee would be happy if we were back here on earth passing on the good to each other inspired by her. Love you!
  • Geraldine Visser-Prod'homme
    I have great memories of Judee in the Amsterdam office. Judee was so great, funny, herself, really professional. You will be missed Judee. R.I.P.
    My deepest sympathie goes to Judee's family.
  • Geraldine Visser-Prod'homme
  • Marcie Wong
    Judee was my first true online "work friend". Work friends are a nice little perk . We probably see them more often than other friends. In my case, we did not have long years together. Yet, there was this really lovely time spent with her--...  more
  • Jill Querceto
    Judee, We are all still shocked and saddened by your leaving the physical earth. To say that you were a joy to be around would be an understatement. You loved everyone fiercely, found joy in all things, never making anyone question how you felt about...  more
  • Melanie Snodgrass
    One year for halloween, I decided the night before to dress up as Amy Farrah Fowler from Big Bang. At the time not a lot of people knew the show but I wanted to do it anyway. I called Judee and told her what I was doing. The next day Judee came in...  more
  • Lisa  Brown
  • Bernadette Bachich
  • Bernadette Bachich
    Judee Silvestri - I'll be forever thankful for the past 7 years with you. You were a constant connection of love and friendship that I will miss terribly. It's really hard to wrap my head around you not physically being here anymore. When I think of...  more
  • Peter Moors
    Judee has been more than a very valuable part of the community in Amsterdam, she was a true friend.
    I remember many beautiful, funny and emotional moments. One special moment was seeing her joy watching the royal wedding on TV back in 2011 and Judee...  more
  • Erica Keith
    Grateful is the word that comes to mind when I think about how I got the opportunity to work with Judee. She was truly one of the most selfless and loving people that I have ever met! May her memory comfort and bring us joy!
  • Jen Harker
  • Jessica Fleming
    I was very lucky to get to work with her over the last few years. It was a delight to chat with her on zoom, even for just a few minutes, every day. She was so sweet and just wanted people to be happy. I’m so sorry for everyone who was close to her and...  more