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Tricia Ann Robbins

Joyce Frances Elaine Bridge (nee Jones)

September 27, 1941 - September 06, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate her life. Collecting your stories, and pictures will offer us great comfort and honor her memory. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

BRIDGE, Joyce Frances Elaine, (nee Jones) late of Old Stony Hill Rd, St. Andrew, passed away peacefully after a brief illness on September 6, 2021 leaving husband Cyril, daughter Tricia Ann Robbins, son-in-law Scott, granddaughter Bridget, sister Cissy, sister cousin Sally and husband Mervyn, sisters-in-laws Donna, Cheri, Nsombi and Lily, nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends.  Streamed service will take place on...  see more
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  • Kim Tudor
    It was with tremendous sadness that I learnt of the passing of Joyce. Joyce was one of the most wonderful persons I ever met. When I moved to Jamaica to work with my friend Nsombi, Joyce welcomed me into the family and took me under her wing. She took...  more
  • Kim Tudor
  • Marva Bernard
    Going to 6.30am service at SAPC I got to know Joyce and Cyril. What a classy lady always even tempered and with a warm smile. I will miss you Joyce-unforgettable ,one in a million. Sincere condolences to Cyril, Tricia and the rest of the clan. 6.30...  more
  • Anthonette Walker
    Ms. Joyce you epitomize what a human being was created and placed on this earth to be.You welcomed my child and immediate family to your home and we felt LOVE, you have made an indelible mark in our lives. I'm thankful to God for those beautiful years we had you.
  • Luciene Morrison
    Our time was short...yet so beautiful...You increase my love of orchids...I will always remember what was to become our last stroll...Sleep well my friend..
    Your work this side is completed...Walk good Joyce
    .the pleasure was mine
  • Lori-Ann Ridley-Hewitt
  • Lori-Ann Ridley-Hewitt
    Auntie Joyce!. As I write these words I speak them aloud so that you can hear. Still find myself fumble for the right words. It is easiest to say I Love You and IThank You for the gifts that you have left behind. Thank you for the gifts of seeing Love...  more
  • Jeanl Hines
    Joyce, JJ, Ms. Tun! It pains my heart to write this memory. It was so recent that we spoke and to know it would have been our last conversation spanning 70 plus years truly hurts. Our families have always been together; from Aunt V and Uncle Wesley, as...  more
  • Josiah Thomas
    Joyce you have left us so suddenly, but you left your loving and beautifull smile with us. Your hospitality and love for family and friends will never be forgotten. We cannot quesution what God has done but we know you are gone to a better place and He...  more
  • Rosalee Cohen
    Auntie Joyce, it's painful to accept that you've boarded your flight and departed this earthly life, but that is our reality. I take great comfort in the fact that I believe you're in a much better place and our Heavenly Father summoned you in HIs own...  more
  • Vincie Ridley
    Dearest Joyce, you are gone from this earth but not from our hearts. For all of us who loved you, prayed for you and are missing you, whose lives you have touched, we release you to your Heavenly Father.
    The reality of loosing you is one filled with...  more
  • Colin Cohen
  • Rohan
    I’m heartbroken to have to say goodbye to you Auntie Joyce. I will miss our Sunday dinners, the many “Rohan can fix it” calls and our garden conversations. You and Uncle Cyril greeted me with open arms the day Marsha “bring mi home”, and I have...  more
  • Meadows Swansea
    Joyce loved people; Joyce loved life; Joyce enjoyed destroying an East Indian mango

    Earl Blackstock
  • Colin Cohen
    I had the great fortune of meeting Auntie Joyce and Uncle Cyril in 1975. Over the decades, our friendship evolved into family! We were together at our home in Clermont, FL. this past April, and Auntie Joyce was her usual happy, caring and sharing self ....  more
  • Shirley Jacobs
    My heart is heavy.I can’t find the words to express how I’m feeling knowing I will not be seeing your beautiful smiling face again ,or enjoy our weekly phone calls just “catching up “
    Visiting Jamaica will never be the same for me again without...  more
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
    Thanks for the photos Joan Robinson
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins

    Joyce Elaine Jones Bridge was an Alumnus of Manning’s School in Westmoreland during the period 1956 to 1961.
    Joyce was a dedicated member of the Kingston Chapter. She was an integral member of the...  more
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
    Joyce Elaine Frances Bridge was confirmed by Bishop Gibson at the St. Paul's Anglican Church Little London in the early 1960's. She became a member of the St. Andrew Parish Church and was very involved its the life of the church, her involvement covered...  more
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
    Joyce was one of the founding member of the Altar Guild of St. Andrew Parish Church. She was a Group Leader and a good team member. She was a lovely, kind and generous person and a pleasure to work with. Everyone says she was a beautiful person...  more
  • Marie Matthews
    My Joyce....words escapes me to express my grief learning of your transition to a higher service. GRIEF IS LOVE WITH NOWHERE TO GO! I will always cherish the times we Spent, though brief at times but so rich our sharing and embracing each other's...  more
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
    My look alike (twin)Auntie Joyce …friends and family would always say 💔…
    We were blessed beyond measure to have had so many wonderful moments with Auntie Joyce ..spending time dancing, talking, laughing, shopping, weekly telephone
    calls we looked...  more
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
    Dear Cyril, Tricia,
    Our most sincere condolences on the passing of Joyce, Mom. This loss is ours too, such deep sadness. Joyce was always such a happy soul and her warmth whenever we all got together made you wish the visit would not end. Seeing Joyce...  more
  • Camille Goldson
    "Gal pickney, when you coming to look for me." It breaks my heart everytime I remember that I won't see her cell calling. Usually this is how she starts our conversations. This is one of my favorite pics of Aunt Joyce, always dressed to the...  more
  • Camille Goldson
  • Marsha Cohen Wood
  • Marsha Cohen Wood
    Auntie Joyce, my other mother. Words cannot convey how I feel and the lasting impact you've had on my life. From college to marriage and everything in between, you and Uncle Cyril welcomed me into your home with open arms and helped to mould me into the...  more
  • Peggy Burgher
    My dear friend Joyce, gone so suddenly, but who are we to determine when God takes one of his angels. You loved life, not glorifying in the material things but simply enjoying the beauty of this earth, the love of your family, your friends and especially...  more
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
    My claim to fame was that I was the ring-bearer at my sweet Aunt Joyce’s wedding: her Stevie. However, what really brings me back is the full joy that she so generously shared with her laughter. Life was really good if you enjoyed her smile while...  more
    Joyce was such a kind and cheerful person..Donna and I have known her since we moved to Casa Monte Estate 10 years ago and have formed a very warm friendship with Joyce and Cyril..enjoyed their hospitality and kindness …always sharing the pears and...  more
  • Coleen Cohen
    In 2010 you brought me back to life in 2010 after my emergency surgery with your kindness, generosity and genuinely nurturing character. Auntie Joyce, you were truly a wonder woman and those left missing you were blessed to know you. Rest in peace, your...  more
  • Pearl Dunbar-Cole
    Aunt J❣️ Your memories lives on💔💔 No Words💔
  • Althea Thompson
    There are no words... Every turn i make, everywhere I go, there is just something that reminds me of you and that gives me comfort knowing that you are with me, that you are with the countless people that love and miss you so much. There was never a dull...  more
  • JRyan Gillette
    Aunt Joyce an amazing woman, she gave love, showed love and was just loving. I willl miss our random calls and solid advise. God was always a force in our short yet insightful moments.
    Mum I will miss you & love ypu
  • Designmike Christie
    Condolences to my dear little sister Tricia, Uncle Cyril and the Jones and Bridge families, colleagues and friends. Sleep in eternal peace dearest Aunty Joyce. You've always treated me like your son - always hugging and feeding me ...accompanied with...  more
  • Russell Riviere
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
    A Tribute to our sister Joyce

    The Jones' family has been well known and respected in Petersfield, Westmoreland, having settled, and resided there many decades ago. Joyce Bridge is a product of that proud family, the youngest of three children for...  more
  • Brian Scott
  • Brian Scott
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins
  • Marsha Cohen Wood
  • Tricia Ann  Robbins