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This page is to celebrate the life of Joy Kean, and to create a treasure trove of memories for all of us to enjoy. We warmly invite you to share your best memory (or 2) of Joy. It can be 1 sentence or 3 paragraphs, funny, sad or happy. Even if you only met Joy once, we would love to hear if you have a memory...  see more

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  • Brooke  Labagh
    I first met Joy at Knockengorroch Festival, her infectious smile, twinkling eyes and gorgeous Poppy dug, she was simply irresistible! There are too many fond memories to count but they are all precious, from the first boogie in a field to the last time I...  more
  • Fiona MacLeod
    I remember Joy's infectious laugh! Years ago, at one of our annual Kean/Macleod Boxing Day family gatherings at First Avenue, I had gone upstairs with my brothers to watch a movie or something, expecting board games with the grown-ups to be boring. A...  more
  • Georgia Sanderson
  • Walt Adamson
    Not sure if destiny is a thing, but if it is, then it was keen for Joy and I to be pals. We had a habit of getting jobs in the place where the other person already worked – three times between 2002 and 2012. It was a friendship that saw many music...  more
  • Hannah Doughty
    Oh what fun I had with Joy! We met at Benicassim and we danced, laughed and created havoc together. We then decided to go together the following year and did the same… such good memories. We became firm friends. I remember coming up to stay with Joy...  more
  • Ross  McCormack
    I first met Joy when she came to meet Donna at the end of an interrailing trip on the party island of Pag in Croatia at a dance music festival. At first, I thought this was a little unusual to have your mum join you at such an event but when I met Joy it...  more
  • Louise  McAdam
    Joy was the life and soul and was always thoughtful. She gave me beautiful photo albums for a wedding present and I always think of her when I look at those photos. 💞
  • Duncan Pottinger
    At a family trip to a trampoline park Joy started cautiously practicing flopping over on to her back, building herself up over the houre. By the end she had rediscovered her ability to do perfect somersaults. Daniel’s amazement at his gran’s moves...  more
  • Donna Kean
    One of my favourite memories of my mum is of her sitting in her caravan watching the birds at her bird feeder and drinking a cup of coffee. She took so much pleasure in the little things, which I think may have been the secret to her happiness. She...  more
  • Barbara Wallace
    Joy loved life and loved her family even more, My funniest memory was when joy took me out on a bike ride, i was 22 at the time and i hadn't ridden a bike in over 10years. So i crashed into a bush, Joy heard the scream, stopped her bike and burst out...  more
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    • Barbara Wallace
      Donna Kean This is a very you story! I love that you walked back. Not getting on that bike again eh.
    • Barbara Wallace
      Barbara Wallace Joy couldnt ride she was laughing that much. Im great on the bike nowadays
      • August 27, 2021
  • Barbara Wallace
    Our beautiful angel
  • Barbara Wallace
  • Aisha Ramjan
  • Donna Kean