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Joseph Knight & Cordelia Jewell Goodrich

This memorial page was created to celebrate the lives of Joseph Knight & Cordelia Jewell Goodrich. It is a place for us to share stories and memories to bring comfort and peace to one another. Click on the heart if you would like to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

A LOVE STORY    Joseph Knight Goodrich  July 21, 1930 - February 21, 2022  &  Cordelia Jewell (Brooks) Goodrich   June 10, 1934 - March 3, 2022   Joseph Goodrich, 91, and Cordelia Goodrich, 87, endearingly “Knight” and “Jewell” to each other, passed away earlier this year on February 21, 2022 and March 3, 2022, within 10 days of each other - a testimony to their connection of heart.     Joseph Knight was born to Anna Leah...  see more
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  • Hillary Goodrich
    Clarence and Anna Goodrich
  • Hillary Goodrich
    Thank you to everyone who joined us Sunday. Here are a few pictures we found after the slideshow was put together.
  • Marshall  Brewer
    In the photos during the service today, I was repeatedly surprised just how much Knight looked like his father, Clarence, who was the brother of my grandmother, Mary.
    • Marshall  Brewer
      Hillary Goodrich I have mistaken Clarence for Knight in pictures. I’ll share one here for you to see.
      • May 7, 2022
  • Marshall  Brewer
    How did we all fit in Knight and Jewell's 1960s station wagon? Our family of 5 and theirs of 7 bounced happily from Anchorage to the Matanuska Valley, where we saw cabbages as big as my little brother. On the way home, their son Harold and I were in the...  more
    • Marshall  Brewer
      Hillary Goodrich Thank you for sharing. We (Harold’s kids) got a laugh. Raw rhubarb!?
      • May 7, 2022
  • Karen Hood Sherlock
    The camping trips in the rain wearing garbage bags is the first memory that comes to mind. It was great fun as a kid! And yes, Jewell had the best food (sorry Mom). I loved her chuckle. I can still hear it in my mind even now. And Joe was always so kind...  more
  • Marvin Hood
    I remember fun times with the Goodrich’s going to Falks lake in summer, oh and the time Tunie rolled in bear scat on a trip with 2 van loads of kids all packed in the one he wasn’t in going back! All good memories growing up, that is for sure!
  • Nancy  Hood
    Jewell and Joe were highly respected and loved by all who knew them. Our family (4 kids) had lots of good memories camping with their family (5 kids). We camped in Fairbanks prior to the flood, O'Brien Creek near Chicken, AK, and Homer, AK to name a few...  more
  • Hillary Goodrich
    The sewing garage in Yuma was their favorite place. Grandma always had a craft room. I remember being in awe of it as a child. Morgan and I would open each drawer with wonder and amazement as we delighted in all the treasures. Over the years we made so...  more