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Rickie Jacob

Joseph Amprayil

February 02, 1939 - June 24, 2022

Hello everyone, We created this memorial to share memories on Pappa. We remember Joseph Amprayil (Pappa) as a man of faith who said "seek first the kingdom of God" A man of deep prayer and intercession, we remember a living saint. Please share any pictures, memoires, or videos that you have of Pappa.

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  • Joseph Santhosh
    Papa had hope. A hope that led him to be embrace charity .
    This hope has its root in deep faith in god.
  • Rickie  Jacob
    I remember Papa lived a life in deep prayer and fervor. He always used to say "Seek first the kingdom of God". Papa was a true model of a Jesus Youth. From the early days in Kerala, Papa would joyfully open up his heart to welcome young people...  more