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Rachel Glick

Jordan Glick

May 17, 1994 - February 24, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Jordan Glick. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Jessica Gold
  • Paola Aloap
    Roma in 2018, happy to be with you again at that time, I was proud of you Jordan and Rachel..... the way you were as young adults despite of what you all the family went through!
  • Sarah Schick
  • Jackie Gustilo
    Highschool wouldn’t have been the same without you ❤️ Hope you’re dancing in the clothes smiling down on all of us
  • Caroline Joiner
  • Isa Kantanen
  • Dario DiFrancesco
  • Ben Spitz
  • Ben Spitz
    These are some photos from a trip that Jordan took to Ramsey's Farm with my family in 2004.
  • Jennifer Swedin
    These are from my wedding back in 2002. Jordan had a lot of fun playing photographer and videographer that night.
  • Jennifer Swedin
  • Bec Crowl
  • Paola Aloap
  • Pattie  Barker
  • Stephanie Michielli
  • Michael Rothstein
  • Cindy Wyatt Golebiewski
  • Tori Henry
  • Gabrielle Ann
  • Adrianna Egras
    So happy to have met Jordan and see him laugh and smile. The purest soul I’ve ever seen💕💕💕 sending so much love to his family, friends, and Emily💕
  • Adrianna Egras
  • Nicole Cella
  • Ryan Keffer
    Camp Tockwogh in 6th grade. Great times.
  • Ryan Keffer
  • Shealyn Cody
  • Patty George
  • Bridget Warriner
  • Brittany Raybuck
  • Tori Anne
  • Jackie Sheldon
  • Savannah Friess
  • Nicole Wittmeyer
  • Jackie Gustilo
  • Tyler Glaccum
  • Emily Arrabal
  • Andrew Cooper
  • Paola Aloap
  • Ka’iulani  Manuwai
  • Shailagh Barker
  • Adriana Brady
  • Chris Lyons
  • Ally Ruge
  • Sean Bell
    Kutztown 2013-2014. Gone way too soon. Love you brother
  • Lauren Silverstein
  • Becca Pini
  • Samantha Rae
  • James Ryan
  • John Conner
  • Katelyn Logan
  • Corey Ashley