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Sarah Spiegel

Jonah Styer Spiegel

November 06, 1998 - May 20, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of the one-and-only Jonah Spiegel. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. We also hope that his friends, our community, and those who loved him can have a chance to begin to grieve while relishing in the fond memories of...  see more

Since learning of Jonah's death on May 20, 2020, nothing feels real. We have lost a guiding light in our family and it is unclear how we will now navigate the path ahead. We know nothing will be the same. We want to move forward with Jonah's spirit in mind--with love and loyalty, humor, kindness, confidence, passion and a commitment to living life to the fullest. He followed his heart and did not let anything get in the way of his...  see more
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  • Wendy Novatt
    Pure heartache. Too many losses. Too. Much pain. Wishing you all love peace and healing
  • Hunter Graham
    “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

    — Winnie The Pooh
  • Martyn Keen
    See my main post below, This picture was supposed to appear first after winning a State championship game June 1st 2014, asking for guesses who on earth could have worn # 20? 😀
  • Martyn Keen
    It breaks my heart to read these wonderful tributes to a very special young man and how I wish they were not necessary.

    I knew Jonah for several years as one of his coaches and hopefully a mentor too but he will forever have a place in my heart.

    As I...  more
  • Jeremy Spiegel
  • Jennifer Kelley
    Jonah was a classmate and friend to Kate since preschool, but I didn’t personally know him well until their junior year. I have always felt that how a person treats animals speaks volumes about what is in their heart. It was Jonah’s love of our dogs...  more
  • Lucy Liaw
    We met Jonah and his family on the soccer pitch. May his spirit continue to be free, run fast, and laugh loudly. Heartfelt condolences to your family.
  • MacLean Kirk
  • Ben Rogers
    Jonah had a light that shined very bright and radiated humor, kindness and inquisition.

    I have many fond memories with him and his family. A distinct one that keeps coming to mind is getting to go on back to school trips to the Burlington mall with him...  more
  • Jessica White
    As a teacher at Falmouth High School, I knew of Jonah before ever meeting him. His reputation as a brain, an athlete, and a socialite made an impression on everyone in school. Despite not having him in an actual course, much of his non-academic time was...  more
  • Angela Mallis
    Probs off smokin’ a doobie at the beach
  • Annie Gott
    Jonah and I were friends in elementary school. We were the only two kids in our 2nd grade class that had seen Little Miss Sunshine (maybe don't ask our parents why : ) and I know that I took pride in sharing that with him. I remember that once when he...  more
  • Summer Spiegel
    At the start of junior year of high school I found myself extremely anxious/depressed, largely due to the fact that I was alone at home for the first time. Jonah had just started his freshman year at USC, and I was lost without him, and I am now feeling...  more
  • Shannon Page
    I knew Jonah as Maya’s little brother. Over the years, I saw Jonah grow up and go off to college. I had the privilege of seeing him at USC. I could see how much he loved his school and friends. He came to visit Austin for the football game, and he met...  more
  • Angela Mallis
    When I think of Jonah I think of his family. I feel so lucky to have grown up with the Spiegels and seen some of their best and worst moments. No matter the situation they always come out laughing. Many people are lucky to have experienced it, but I...  more
  • Shelby Grimac
    Jonah was beautiful inside and out. I’m so glad I was able to know him. Here is a sketch i drew of him, as I do not have any photos/videos of him. Sending you love. -shelbis
  • Sarah Spiegel
  • Maya Spiegel
  • Maya Spiegel
  • Kathy McPeek
  • Kathy McPeek
  • Kathy McPeek
    Jonah touched my life with such zest and humor. I will never forget the force he was on the soccer field and utter enthusiasm he shared with all those around him❣️ Jonah gosh darn it rats that you are no longer here on this earth💔 THANK you for...  more
  • Dana Pilotti
    I would always get excited whenever Maya’s Cute Brother was coming to visit her at college. It was something special to be in a room together with those two and to witness the sibling love. Jonah will be missed by so many 💗
  • Emmy Kirk
    In November I went to visit a friend from high school at USC and I will never forget the conversation with my mom as soon as I got to the airport. I felt the need to call her to tell her how impressed I was with Jonah after observing him in his new...  more
  • Grace Villa
    We all miss you Jonah ❤️❤️❤️ Love, Gritch/Grouse/Gracie
  • Erin McGeoy
    I shall post more later but for now here is some content from Maya's 21st birthday at Amigos.
    We got turnt with the beagle Queso in the basement.
    We made our Uber driver stop by Angela's house so she could retrieve her passport for me to use, then we...  more
  • Tatyana Smolyansky
    A few more from when I took Jonah and Summer out to dinner at USC last fall and we finally got to sip on a legal brew together.
  • rose Johnson
    I'll never forget the weekend Jonah, Erin, and I clowned around in Santa Barbara. We ate great Mexican food and Jonah played with Gracie the whole time. I remember thinking so vividly how fun loving Jonah was. He could have been with any of his friends,...  more
  • Tatyana Smolyansky
    Love you forever, Jonas brother 💛 Tart
  • Maya Spiegel
    Jonah was my little brother, but he was so much more than that. He was my best friend. Everyone who knew him knew how close we were, and I am still so grateful of how protective he was of me. This past February, I flew out to California to visit both of...  more
  • Angela Mallis
  • Angela Mallis
  • Sarah Spiegel