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Kristl Date-Dopps

Jon Masaki

November 30, 1968 - August 15, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Jon Masaki. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer his family and friends great comfort. No contributions needed. Just love and aloha!

Jon Masaki grew up in Waimea, Kauai and was the only son of Kiyoji and Naomi Masaki.  He has two sisters, Sharlyn Kanna and Allison Jones. Jon resided in Kaneohe on Oahu and passed away at Straub Medical Center on Saturday, August 15 after battling Covid-19. Friends and classmates, please click on "Memories and Condolences" to view stories and pictures in celebration of his life. His family will be getting together privately. Jon,...  see more
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  • Allison Jones
    We had a private service, immediate family only, for Jon on 9/5/2020. Thank you for your kind words, funny stories and awesome photos of Jon. He was a funny, kind-hearted and generous man. He loved his family and his friends and we miss him. It is hard...  more
  • Lance Ikemoto
    Jon loved to drive his dad’s Ford Elite—way before he was licensed. Approximately in 5th-6th grade, we went on a joyride to Kekaha. From far away, we saw Mr Nitta’s bright orange Scout coming toward us. All of a sudden, Jon yells—duck down! ...  more
  • Rosa G
    So saddened to hear about this.

    When thinking about growing up on Kauai and especially school days, Jon is ALWAYS part of those memories. From Waimea Canyon all the way through high school. We lost touch along the way but I will always remember...  more
  • Sally Farlander
    Jon had an irreverent sense of humor and a taste for finer things. A group of us used to hang out a lot - movies, dinner, cookouts at Salt Pond. It was always entertaining to see him get into it with Lance. 🙂 I miss those days and I’ll miss Jon. RIP
  • Lyman Lacro
    Thank you Kristl! So sad hearing about Jon. I remember playing baseball and basketball together. Condolences to the Masaki family. RIP my friend! We will miss you!
  • Lance Ikemoto
    The pic is of the kalaheo location and I think Mrs H’s daughter runs it. Even though we worked really hard there, that was my best job ever, since I worked with friends and we had such great times! Jon and I would work as a team making bentos and...  more
  • Lance Ikemoto
    Some of my best memories and fun times came from my job in high school. I worked w/my closest friends: Jon, Derrick,Estela,Corrine,Lei Lynn@ Kauai Kitchens Hanapepe. Jon was a charismatic person with a magnetic personality. Our “big boss” was Mrs...  more
  • Lance Ikemoto
    One of our favorite pastimes was catching guppies, swordtails and mollies. We would ride our bike to menehune ditch or behind Dr Wade’s house and get these fish—kinda like an obsession. We pretty much knew every place you could the find these fish....  more
  • Lance Ikemoto
    Jon and I have been best friends since nursery school. For over 15 years, he has been making the yearly trip to CA to see his sister and her family, so we would get together. We kind of lost touch the last 5-6 yr. I am glad that I was reunited with my...  more
  • Kristl Date-Dopps
  • Kristl Date-Dopps
  • Kristl Date-Dopps
  • Kristl Date-Dopps
  • Kristl Date-Dopps
  • Kristl Date-Dopps
    Some may call me a hoarder. I like my memories.
    - Jon through the years
    - Jon and Lance Ikemoto in a 4th grade dance fight
    - The infamous Star Wars skit (Front row from left, Rosalind Galinato, Jon, Joanne Hamada. Second row Corey Carroll and me.)
  • Kristl Date-Dopps
    I've known Jon since I was 4 years old. I've known him as "Bosley" when I made him participate in Charlie's Angels skits with me during recess in the 4th grade. I've known him as "Han Solo" when we did a Star Wars dance in the 6th...  more