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Monica Brown

Johnny Chavez

January 18, 1961 - March 05, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Johnny Chavez. Contribute to this lasting memorial by sharing stories, memories, photos, and videos. As we plan gatherings, we will post invites with event information on GatheringUs. Share this memorial with family and friends, and remember to RSVP to help us plan.

If I should die,And you should live,And time should gurgle on,And morn should beam,And noon should burn,As it has usual done;If birds should build as early,And bees as bustling go,–One might depart at optionFrom enterprise below!‘Tis sweet to know that stocks will standWhen we with daisies lie,That commerce will continue,And trades as briskly fly.It make the parting tranquilAnd keeps the soul serene,That gentlemen so sprightlyConduct...  see more
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