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Nicka Hiramoto

John Sliva

March 04, 1947 - April 12, 2022

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of John Sliva; son, brother, friend, husband, father, grand father and great grand father. Collecting your fun photos and memories here will offer us all great comfort and help honor him. Since John requested that we not hold a service, we would also...  see more

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  • Rich Sliva
    In 2008, John, Cyndi, Jackie and I took a cruise to Mexico.
    In Picture 1, we're at dinner aboard the ship. In Picture 2, we're taking a submarine ride.
    Great times were had!
  • Rich Sliva
    Family Mammoth California fishing trip in 2006
    From left to right: John, son-in-law Brent, Brother Neil, Rich's sons Dennis and Bryan, Bryan's son Alexander, Brother Rich
    Like all family Mammoth fishing trips, we all had a fabulous time catching fish,...  more
  • Rich Sliva
    Family Mammoth California fishing trip in 2004
    From left to right: Brother Rich, Rich's sons Bryan and Dennis,
    Bryan's son Alexander (his first fishing trip) and John. As always,
    we caught enough fish and had a wonderful time enjoying each
    other's company.
  • Rich Sliva
    2004 fishing trip continued.
    Relaxing at lakeside waiting for the next fish to bite.
    Relaxing and reminiscing in the condo after a long and satisfying
    day fishing and laughing.
  • Rich Sliva
    Brother Paul's Wedding May 2003 in Oregon
    From left to right: Rich's sons Bryan and Dennis, Brother Rich, John,
    Brothers Neil and Paul
  • Neil  Sliva
    So glad Chris was able to drop in on March 15th to shoot some bull and share new developments. John got a kick out of being the first to know!
  • Paul Sliva
    John’s birthday celebration in Utah…and of course poker!!
    Thanks for the good times brother. Catch you on the other side. RIP John!!
  • Cynthia Shake
    Cute pic contributed by Judy & Ken Rowe. Halloween at the the Riverton Senior Center.
  • Neil  Sliva
  • Paul Saffell
    I feel fortunate to have known John, such a sweet soul. His deadpan humor is what I remember most. I'm glad I got to see him in his shop in Roseburg with the rock tumbler and gold panning paraphernalia. He was really in his element. Deal the next...  more
  • Cynthia Shake
    Going to John's Class Reunion .
    Hawaii Cruise meet up with Tom & Viv Hiramoto
  • Nicka Hiramoto
  • Nicka Hiramoto
    Since my dad did not want to be buried, we chose a respectful end of life process called Aquamation. It is similar to cremation, only it uses water, rather than fire.
    We plan to take my dad's remains to Alaska in June, when we fish the Russian River. I...  more