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David Loy

John Ira Loy

September 23, 1940 - June 13, 2019

In memorial of John Ira Loy. Please feel free to share stories, memories, or photos.

John I. Loy, 78, of Wilmington, Delaware, died peacefully on June 13, 2019. Born September 23, 1940 in Knoxville, Tennessee, he was the only son of the late Ira M. Loy and Ruby Dyer Loy. He graduated from Central High School and attended the University of Tennessee,...  see more
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  • Kamala Anandam
    True friendship lasts forever even after death. So it is with John. A family from India bonded with a family from United States. John and my husband Ernest got to know each other as they studied microbiology at U of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1964. ...  more