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In lieu of flowers and other gifts of condolence asked, her children request that you donate to the family’s college fund in honor of their mother’s lifelong support of learning.

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Carl Sumter

Joanne Jordan

June 29, 1940 - May 14, 2020

Dear Family and Friends: The six of us are honored to share with you this online memorial dedicated to our beloved mother Joanne Jordan. In the months leading up to her memorial service planned for the fall of this year, we will engage you - her family and friends - in this virtual celebration of her life....  see more

One of our mother's lifelong loves and aspirations was creative writing. One of her favorite chjaracters was a fictional version of herself named Jocey Curtis. "There was a time when women were thought of as wives, mothers, teachers, nurses, waitresses, secretaries, and store clerks. Jocey was going to be different. She was born during an era when women were realizing their full potential.…although women who were as successful as men,...  see more
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